A Brand new “Kaiju” World, Science Fantasy experiential attraction “Kaiju No Sumika” opened on November 7th (Thurs)! Moga Mogami and Alien Baltan participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony!

Nov.21, 2019



About “Kaiju No Sumika”, the experiential attraction

In this science fantasy experience-based attraction “Kaiju No Sumika”, many unique Kaiju created by Tsuburaya Productions over more than half a century appear. The Kaiju appeared on earth from the underground, from lakes, and even from outer space. Behind their appearances, there are reasons and messages they wanted to tell.

Where do these Kaiju come from and where do they go? What did they want to tell us? The science fantasy world, “Kaiju No Sumika”, where Kaiju live peacefully and freely, lets us work our imagination.


Inside this world, fans are able to experience the charm of the Kaiju through the Tokusatsu art design produced by Tsuburaya Productions, and with the newest digital technology especially cooperated by Panasonic.



Must-See Spots

The Unbalance Zone

Right in the center of Tokyo, appears an unbalance zone.

This is where the portal to the other world opens, in which one will get drawn into.
By combining Panasonic’s newest technology, the “Silky Fine Mist”, with laser beam and lighting, a new entertainment space is created.




Once you go through the mysterious cool space, there is a much warmer, relaxing utopia for Morpho Butterflies. When a Morpho Butterfly is touched, glittering light appears, welcoming you into the world of “Kaiju No Sumika”.



Red King / Eleking

Over valleys and through paths…

Is that a Kaiju?

With the use of projection mapping on a robot, and combining numerous visual technologies, the magnificence of the Kaiju is presented in front of your eyes.




“Kaiju No Sumika”, the experiential attraction – Details

・Event Period: November 7th (Thurs), 2019 ~ January 26th (Sun), 2020 *Open all days during event

・Location: Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo

・Opening Times: Weekdays 12:00pm – 6:00pm (Last Admission 5:30pm), Weekends & Holidays 10:00am – 6:00pm (Last Admission 5:30pm)

・Host: Kaiju No Sumika in Gallery AaMo Committee (Tsuburaya Productions / TBS / Lawson Entertainment)

・Official Website:

・Official Twitter:


■Ticket Information

・General Ticket: November 7th (Thurs), 2019 – January 26th (Sun), 2020

Adult (middle school and older): 1,900 yen

Children (3 years old – elementary school): 1,000 yen

General Pair Ticket (2 Adults): 3,500 yen

General Parent Child Ticket (Adult + Child): 2,500 yen


*Prices including tax

*Children under the age of 2 may enter free



“Kaiju No Sumika” Digital Picture Book App Details

A new Tsuburaya Production creation, the “Science Fantasy Picture Book Kaiju No Sumika” can be enjoyed through this digital picture app. (download free)

An “avatar movie” listening/viewing function can be used, where you can become the main character.



Download App:




Opening Ceremony Report

On November 7th (Thurs), an opening ceremony for the science fantasy “Kaiju No Sumika” experience-based entertainment was held at Gallery AaMo!


A new science fantasy “Kaiju No Sumika” experience-based entertainment opened on November 7th! At the opening ceremony, Moga Mogami who played Mana in ULTRAMAN GINGA S appeared as a special guest. Along with Alien Baltan, they participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony.


Comment from Moga Mogami

Since I had appeared in the Ultraman series ULTRAMAN GINGA S, Kaiju has been very dear and near to me. Last year, I had co-starred with Booska and Pega.


I was already excited from the entrance of “Kaiju No Sumika”. You are able to see the Kaiju from different angles and since we do not know what comes next, it was very fun and exciting! The souvenirs are very cute, and would love for everyone to come visit.


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