ULTRAMAN Panoramic Multimedia Stage Show in Shanghai China Premiere Starting on March 28th,2020.

Dec.14, 2019


“Ultraman Series” works have long been loved and remembered since its birth in 1966. The classic characters like Ultraseven, Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Tiga, and Ultraman Ginga are regarded as the incarnation of justice and peace, and the superheroes that people of different generations grew up with.



Now, the Ultra heroes are coming. ULTRAMAN Panoramic Multimedia Stage Show——The Father and the Son is originally introduced from the Tsuburaya Productions, and officially licensed through SCLA(Shanghai Character Licensing Administrative) will debut on March 28th,2020 in Shanghai, China worldwide.



A Concert-like, Super Luxury Stage Effect Experience

As the all-time largest ULTRAMAN Panoramic Multimedia Stage Show, it adopts the combination of top panoramic light and shadow technology and live scenic design, offering you an immersive Ultraman World.


Classic Story Reconstruction, A Great Bond Time for Fathers and Sons

Hundreds of Chinese and Japanese professionals are invited to form a creative team. Refine the Ultraman Story based on the perspective of  “Father and Son”, present a brand-new script that touches your soul and bridge a connection between parents and children!


Originally Introduced from Japan, A Win-win Co-operation Grand Show.

The ULTRAMAN Panoramic Multimedia Stage Show is supervised and guided by the Tsuburaya Productions, and officially licensed through SCLA(Shanghai Character Licensing Administrative), which is the general copyright representative of Tuburaya Productions in China, and created in cooperation with Happy Kids Culture Development Co., Ltd.

A faithfully reproduced show, we’re sure that it will provide you an unprecedented experience.




The young boy QQ has been long looking forward to his father’s recognition, but the father, as the leader of the Earth Defense Team, is too busy maintaining the peace of the earth to pay attention to his son. At this time, Belial, the old enemy and the antagonist of Ultraman Zero, attempted to revive again and invade the earth by devouring QQ’s pure heart.

Will this young man who has been swallowed up by darkness be saved by justice?

And the ties between father and son, along with the family will break away from the darkness?

The battle between good and evil is coming soon!



※Image photos differ from the real stage.


[Stage details]

・Time: March 28th,2020

・Location: NECC Hong Arena (Shanghai)

・Ticket: 13800 JPY/10800 JPY/7800 JPY/person

For more details, please follow the Official WeChat Account of Happy Kids (ID:Tedletong), DAMAI.CN, and bilibili.

Let’s experience and feel the boundless energy from Ultraman World on March 28th.



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