“KAIJU MUSUME 6” entertainment restaurant opens in Roppongi!

Feb.15, 2018



On January 26, “KAIJU MUSUME 6” entertainment restaurant opened in Tokyo’s Roppongi district! The restaurant is the latest offshoot of the “ULTRA KAIJU HUMANIZATION PROJECT” in which Kaiju from the “Ultraman Series” are reimagined in human form.


The Kanji character for “Mysterious” appeared in Roppongi…

Follow the glowing pink neon arrow down the stairs and you will be greeted by the Kaiju Girls dressed in Kaiju costumes designed by the illustrator “Utomaru”!


The restaurant interior is stylishly enhanced with colorful neon lighting and mirror balls, and decorated with Ultra Kaiju-themed figures and illustrations, allowing you to experience a neo-futuristic world reminiscent of sci-fi movies.


Of course, the highlight of “Kaiju Musume 6” are the poppy and cute Kaiju Girls!

Dressed in their stylish Kaiju costumes, the cast of Ultra Kaiju including King Joe, Zetton, Dada, Eleking and Pigmon are waiting to entertain you.


“Kaiju Clap Times”, held regularly during opening hours, are a chance to enjoy the Kaiju Girls’ cute songs and dancing as you cheer and high-five with them.

Wave the light sticks you’ll receive when you come in, and have a great time together with the Kaiju Girls!


What’s more, on the menu there are Kaiju-inspired dishes and drinks that are almost too cute and beautiful to eat, such as the “DADA roll” wrapped in DADA-patterned seaweed; the very impressive “RED KING meat tower”, and the “ZETTON Cocktail” which is sure to get lots of “like” on Instagram!


Be sure to check out “KAIJU MUSUME 6” entertainment restaurant and experience a sensational new KAIJU world blended with sophisticated pop culture!


◆Restaurant Information

Restaurant name: KAIJU MUSUME 6

Opening date: January 26, 2018 (Fri)

Address: SHIDAX Roppongi Club B1, 5-2-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Opening hours: Weekdays 17:00-23:00 / Saturdays and Sundays Lunch: 12:00 -15:30, Dinner: 17:00-23:00

(Last order 22:30 / Last entry 21:30)

*Open 365 days a year

Total number of seats: 40 seats

Time limit: 120 minutes

KAIJU MUSUME 6 Official website:

Operated by: THINKR Co., Ltd.



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