“Enjoy Staying Home! Overseas Event Digest” Vol. 1 - Ultraman Zero in Malaysia-

May.03, 2020


Over the years, Tsuburaya Productions has actively held stage shows overseas. We post announcements of shows and events and on-site reports on our website.


However, with the world locked in a fight against the coronavirus, now isn’t really the time for events.


While we hope and pray for this difficult time to end quickly. In the meantime, we will be posting about our past events from all over the world!


Our first event report is… Ultraman Zero  in Malaysia!


Ultraman Zero first appeared 10 years ago and has saved Malaysia a total of 3 times! We can’t wait for more of his adventures in our newest series ULTRAMAN Z!


Our story is set in Genting Highlands, one of Malaysia’s biggest vacation resorts set amidst the cool mountain air near Kuala Lumpur. With theme parks, golf courses, and hotels, it is also called the “City of Entertainment.” From 2015 to 2016, a long-running Ultraman stage show held a total of 152 shows over 3 months at a venue with 1000 seats.



Battle 1: A Miracle from the Moon! Ultraman Total War!


(Original Teaser Poser, 2015)


<Event Details>


February 19th, 2015 – March 29th, 2015

56 shows in total


An army of Alien Baltan! Ultraseven and his son Ultraman Zero rush to the scene.


Booska and Pigmon help to find the scattered “fragments of the moon.”


The legendary power is given to those who had the most fun… so enjoy the show!!


The peace is broken as the real battle begins with the attack of an army of Kaiju!

The ancient giant of light, Tiga, the Ultraman from the future, Ginga , and our hero Ultraman Zero are here to stop them!


The mastermind behind the army was… Belial! The arch-enemy of Ultraman Zero!


Now with powerful, shining wings, can Belial be stopped?!


A terrifying monster “Belial Tyrant” that is invincible in both body and soul is born from the scheme of Alien Baltan! Belial Tyrant is powerful… EXTREMELY powerful!


Now is the time to remember Ultraseven’s teachings!

The whole theater comes together to power our Ultra Heroes with the power of the moon!


The final battle begins with Ultraman, Ultraseven, Taro, Cosmos, and Mebius here to help!


At last! With the cheers from the audience and the help of our Ultraman heroes, Belial Tyrant is defeated! But where did the Alien Baltan go?



Battle 2: Ultraman Zero trains in the rain forests of Malaysia! The Ultimate Battle between the Darkness and the Light!


(Original Teaser Poser, 2016)


<Event Details>


November 5th, 2016 – December 4th, 2016

49 shows in total



Dark warriors overrun the cities of Malaysia, sent by the Alien Baltan to challenge the Ultra warriors!


Ultraseven sneaks into the secret base of Alien Baltan alone, but he’s tricked by Ultraseven Dark and his son, Ultraman Zero Dark.


To protect the smiles of the children in Malaysia, Ultraman Zero decides to go on a journey to train.


Meanwhile, the Ultra Heroes are attacked by the army of Alien Baltan!


And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! “Malaysian Arts Type Zero” bursts onto the stage, now trained in a new form of martial arts that integrates the movements of the wild animals in the Taman Negara.


The ultimate battle between the dark and the light!


What!? Alien Baltan’s secret plan was to summon the gigantic demonic beast “Revenge of Baltan”!!!!



Battle 3: The Clan of Baltan! The Final Battle!


(Original Poster, 2016)


<Event Details>


December 7th, 2016 – January 2nd, 2017

47 shows in total


Ultraman Zero becomes stronger after his encounter with Bullet, one of the most feared Alien Baltan.


No matter how many enemies he faces, the grown Ultraman Zero can’t be defeated!


In a surprising turn of events, Ultraman Ribut appears live on stage for the first time!


This was just a sneak peek of the show, but the full highlights reel for the Revenge of Baltan Stage II is now available!


What happens to the army of Alien Baltan? What will be the result of the deadly battle against the dark warriors? How will Ultraman Ribut fight with the Ultra Heroes? And who will win in the battle against the gigantic demonic beast Revenge of Baltan?!

Don’t miss this epic battle of Ultraman Zero and the Ultra Heroes!



So what did you think?


Our Ultra Heroes are all over the world protecting peace on Earth. Once we defeat the coronavirus, the Ultra Heroes can once again come to see us. Until then, we will continue to feature past events on the site!


Don’t miss our “Enjoy Staying Home! Overseas Event Digest” for more exciting new information!

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