Let's work together with Ultra heroes! Waiting for videos and photos from all of you!

Nov.18, 2020



We are looking for your videos and photos which gives a light to Ultra Heroes and works together!


While you cannot do a lot of yelling due to COVID-19 situation, we introduce a new posing, “Ultra Charge”.

Also, we look for photos of “Ultraman Trademark Pose”.

Videos will be used for video contents on “Ultraman Foundation” (scheduled to be uploaded on Tsuburaya Production official YouTube channel  “ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL”) and also for the stage show videos at the  “ULTRA HEROES EXPO”  event.


Let’s work together with Ultra Heroes by applying this project!


■How to do “Ultra Charge”?


■How to do “Ultraman Trademark Pose”?


※ Please note that the videos / photos may not always be used in aforementioned.


■ Application Period: November 9, 2020 to November 30, 2020

■ Eligibility: People who love Ultra heroes (minors under the age of 20, must have consent from parental authority)

■ Age restriction: 15 years old or younger

※ If taken with family members or friends over 15 years old, then such members do not apply for restrictions

※ We accept photos from your childhood, if you are over the age restriction.

■ Content:

・ “Ultra Charge” Video

・ “Ultraman Trademark Pose” Photo

(※ We are very much welcome to receive any one of these content from you!)


Apply here!



*Google account is necessary to apply.




Ultraman Foundation is…

a foundation that acknowledges children are the hope for the future, and will provide everlasting support in all kinds of ways for the welfare and well being of all children.

It is our mission to bring back the smiles to the faces of each child as soon as possible, and we pray from our heart that the children will move on to their bright future.

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