A New Series of Plastic Model Kits for "ULTRAMAN the Armour of Legends" has been Released!

Nov.04, 2021


Bandai Spirits’ Hobby Division has released the new plastic model kits of “ULTRAMAN the Armour of Legends” at the end of October!


The masterpiece artwork could be easily assembled by the colorful parts! To remain faithful to the iconic illustration, we have implemented the armour’s intricate textures and ability for a wide range of dynamic poses into the product.


Ultraman Zero Wukong Armour, Ultraman Ginga Nezha Armour, and Ultraman Titas Guan Yu Armour will appear in the first wave. Stay tuned to find out more as we unveil more characters!


Monsters suddenly appeared on the peaceful Planet Santo, and the Ultra Heroes descended to save its citizens.

However, the monsters were stronger than they had expected, and the Ultra Heroes were struggling to fight back. Santo had a magnetic field that stripped away the powers of the Ultra Heroes, and the emergence of the monsters was also related to this field.

Just when the Ultra Heroes were backed into a corner, giant stone statues located in ancient ruins scattered throughout the planet began responding to the wishes of the heroes to protect the planet. The stones cracked open to reveal armor parts that attached themeselves to the heroes !

The armour parts were able to shut out the magnetic fields that deprived the Ultra Heroes of their powers.



◆Ultraman Zero Wukong Armour

Ultraman Zero equipped with Wukong Armour.
A free-spirited, powerful fighter. He is the leader of the Xi You Squad and skillfully uses the Wukong Zero Shafter in combat.


◆Ultraman Ginga Nezha Armour

Ultraman Ginga equipped with Nezha Armour.Ultraman Ginga equipped with Nezha Armour.
A brave warrior with countless mystical armaments. He fights by using the Winder Flame Wheels eqipped on his legs, and prances around the sky.


◆Ultraman Titas GUAN YU ARMOUR

Ultraman Titas equipped with Guan Yu Armour.
Brav and loyal warrior. He has a well-trained body, sound mind and excels in combat by using his immers strength.



ULTRAMAN the Armour of Legends Ultraman Zero Wukong Armour
ULTRAMAN the Armour of Legends Ultraman Ginga Nezha Armour
ULTRAMAN the Armour of Legends Ultraman Titas Guan Yu Armour

Produced by:BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Division

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