New Generation Heroes will gather together!! ULTRAMAN NEW GENERATION WORLD in TOKYO Solamachi opens!

Mar.27, 2018


To celebrate the release of ULTRAMAN GEED The Movie “Connect the Wishes!”, New Generation Heroes including Ultraman Geed, Orb, X, Victory and Ginga will gather for ULTRAMAN NEW GENERATION WORLD in TOKYO Solamachi!


Please enjoy the world of the Ultra Heroes with your family, through attractions such as live stage performances by the Ultra Heroes, photo sessions with the Heroes and a special booth for ULTRAMAN GEED the Movie “Connect the Wishes!”, released on Saturday, March 10, 2018.


Gift for visitors

Every visitor will receive one of the original button badges!!

*8 types in total

*Badge types will be distributed at random and cannot be chosen.


Live stage performance / Photo session schedule

-Stage schedule

New Generation Heroes will appear on stage!

Show them your support!!

(1)11:00 (2)12:00 (3)13:00 (4)14:00 (5)15:00 (6)16:00 (7)17:00

*Each show lasts for 20 minutes.

-Photo session schedule

Take a photo with the Heroes!

Original framed photos will be available as an option.

Heroes to appear will be announced on our official Twitter (@m78expo) by the day before.

(1)11:30 (2)12:30 (3)13:30 (4)14:30 (5)15:30 (6)16:30 (7)17:30

*Each photo session lasts for about 20 minutes



Movies of the New Generations Heroes will get showcased!


”Become your favorite character” photo booth

-Ultraman Geed Ultimate Final

-Ultraman Orb Orb Trinity

-Ultraman Exceed X Beta Spark Armor


Kaiju exhibition






Get on to Ultraman Geed Ultimate Final’s palm!


ULTRAMAN GEED the Movie “Connect the Wishes!booth


and many other entertaining booths!



-Soft King Sword 600 yen (tax included)

-Ultraman Geed Secret Charm all 21 types 700 yen each (tax included)

*Charm types are distributed at random and cannot be chosen.

-Big T-shirt 4,800 yen each (tax included)

Size: L/LL

Those who purchase both CDs of Ultraman Geed character songs, “Pega” and “Rem” together at the venue will receive a limited edition original sticker!

1,000 yen each (tax included)


Associated event

From March 10 (Sat) the “New Generation Heroes Stamp Rally” has been held by TOBU RAILWAY! Collect stamps from TOKYO SKYTREE Station and one or more of Asakusa Station, Tobu Kameido Station, Shin-Koshigaya Station and Tobu-Dobutsu Koen Station on the Tobu Railway and head for the goal at TOKYO Solamachi (5th Floor, Space 634) to receive your Ultra Hero sticker!

Those who successfully collect all five stamps will be presented with all the Hero stickers plus a set of five button badges.

Good luck!


Goal: TOKYO Solamachi ® 5th Floor, Space 634

Prize exchange period: March 17 (Sat) – April 8 (Sun), 2018 10:00-18:00

*The quantity of prizes are limited. Also, please understand that prizes may be subject to change.

*Each person can receive only one stamp rally prize.

Please understand that you cannot receive multiple prizes.


Event details

Duration: March 17 (Sat) – April 8 (Sun), 2018


Venue: TOKYO Solamachi 5th Floor, Space 634

Admission Fee: 800 yen per person *Same price for adults and children (3 years old and older)

Pair ticket 1,500 yen *On sale at Seven Ticket



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