Ultraman Connection Live 1st Anniversary: Ultraman Max Special Announced!

Jun.07, 2022



It’s been a whole year since Ultraman Connection Live debuted on the global stage with Ultraman Connection Live: Sevenger Fight. That initial virtual event helped bring Ultraman Series to a stalwart group of fans around the globe, setting the stage for the major comeback to that Ultraman has staged in the ensuing twelve months.


To celebrate with our fans together with host Sean Nichols, we are announcing that Ultraman Connection Live 1st Anniversary will be Ultraman Max Special, featuring the series that brought Sean to the world. The show will stream on Friday, June 17 at 9pm EST, 6pm West Coast.


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Ultraman Max began airing on July 2nd, 2005, during the Heisei era. The series was in a world very similar to ours, where threats like the changing climate spawned dangerous monsters, as well as alien invaders seeking to take advantage of the chaos to steal Earth for themselves.


To stand against these threats, the heroic Team DASH battled to protect civilization, including engineer Sean White, foreign member on an Japan-based Ultraman defense team. But, one member of Team DASH, Kaito Touma, has a secret: he has bonded with the lightning-quick Giant of Light, Ultraman Max, to defeat the foes that humans alone cannot stop.



Ultraman Connection Live 1st Anniversary: Ultraman Max Special will be a grand celebration of the groundbreaking series, as well as a whole year of Ultraman Connection events! Sean Nichols will introduce fans all over the world to several his old colleagues and castmates, including Kaito’s actor, Sota Aoyama, and Hitomi Hasebe, who played DASH’s ace pilot Mizuki Koishikawa.


Left: Sota Aoyama; Right: Hitomi Hasebe



In addition, fans will get to speak with some of the legends behind the camera, as Ultraman Max producer/director/series compositor Takeshi Yagi and director Takashi Miike will be sharing some of the amazing stories they helped weave, and their own feelings on their art and the Ultraman Series.

Left: Takeshi Yagi; Right: Takashi Miike


Ultraman Max Special will also include Ultraman Connection’s traditional intro and outro videos, dubbed UCL (Unidentified Capture League) set in a universe of Kaiju but where no Ultraman has arrived on Earth. But the UCL glimpsed a figure of hope last episode: Sean White himself! In the new event, Sean will explain how the universe of Ultraman Max relates to the world of the UCL.


June 17th will be the date for this incredible event a whole year in the making, and with tickets on sale here at only $10, the whole world will be watching as we celebrate how far we’ve come and look forward to the exciting future of Ultraman Connection Live. To get your tickets as soon as they are available, become a member for FREE right on


Stay tuned for more surprises!

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