Notice of Implementation of Shareholder Benefits

Feb.14, 2023


Commemorating the Establishment of TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS Structure


TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS INC., has taken a new step forward under its new structure in October 2022 by integrating its group companies under the holding company with its corporate philosophy, “The Greatest Leisure for All People.”


On February 13th, 2022, in commemoration of the establishment of TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS structure, the corporation has decided to present a commemorative gift with “Ultraman,” the representative IP of its group. The gift is given to its shareholders in appreciation of their continued support and kindness.





1. Details of commemorative gift


Ultraman is a world-class hero that continues to be loved by people of all generations. It has given people courage and excitement through a variety of media, including television, movies, and distribution.


This commemorative gift is a set of pins featuring: Ultraman, which was broadcast on TV in 1966; anime ULTRAMAN, which was distributed in 2019; and the movie SHIN ULTRAMAN, which was released in 2022. This is an extraordinary collaboration that transcends the boundaries of different works of “Ultraman”.


TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS ask all its shareholders to accept this gift and to provide their understanding and support for the Group’s business activities and services.


2. Eligibility


TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS plan to present a single set of “TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS INC. memorial framed pins set” to shareholders holding more than one unit of our shares, who are listed or recorded in its shareholder register as of March 31, 2023.


3. Shipping


Commemorative gifts are scheduled to be shipped from late July 2023 onward.


4. Other


This gift is to commemorate the establishment of TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS structure and TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS will continue to consider future shareholder-return measures from various perspectives, with a focus on dividends.




TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS plan to deliver the gift with pins which uses symbolic characters and marks from each work, and the special logo plate on the frame, and put it in a special high-class decorative box (W330mm×H240mm×D50mm).





Introduction to each work




A leading Japanese hero appearing in the TV series Ultraman created by Tsuburaya Productions, founded by Eiji Tsuburaya, who is known as the “father of special effects.” It was broadcast on TV in July 1966, with a maximum viewer ratio of 42.8%, and Ultraman, which became the golden character of the Japanese special effects TV series. The company celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2021 and continues to evolve with much support.




A comic work depicting the continuation of Ultraman which was broadcasted in 1966. In November 2011, the comic was launched as a series in the first issue of HERO’S Monthly. In 2019, it was converted to an anime with a full 3DCG and distributed worldwide on Netflix. Season 2 was distributed in 2022, and the FINAL season will be released in spring 2023.




A special effects fantasy feature film created by the pairing of Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi. Since it was released nationwide on May 13, 2022, it has recorded a huge hit with box office revenues of over ¥4.4 billion, and it is now successively released worldwide and is highly regarded.



The picture images used in this release are for illustrative purposes only, and the specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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