“SSSS.GRIDMAN” will be airing on TOKYO MX, MBS, BS11, WOWOW from midnight, October 6th (Sat),! Key visual and the 3rd Promotion Video are released!

Sep.14, 2018


New information on the TV Anime “SSSS.GRIDMAN” airing from October 2018 was released!


The live-action special effect TV series “GRIDMAN THE HYPER AGENT” was first aired in 1993. Despite being made in a time when computers were not popular in every household, the show gained popularity by carrying out the ideas of what we now call “internet” and “computer virus”.


“SSSS.GRIDMAN” is a TV Anime based on “GRIDMAN THE HYPER AGENT”. On-air and distribution information on the newest Anime is finally available! The key visual and a new promotion video are also released!



Yuta Hibiki is a first-year high school student from Tsutsuji-dai. Troubled with amnesia, Yuta encounters “Hyper Agent Gridman” who appeared through an old computer.


Upon hearing Gridman’s call, Yuta searches for his purpose and lost memories with the help from his classmates Sho Utsumi, Rikka Takarada, and Akane Shinjo.


However, their peaceful life was quickly torn apart by the sudden attack of the Kaiju…


■On-air and Distribution Information

TOKYO MX: 10/6 (Sat.) 25:00~25:30 (scheduled)

MBS: 10/6 (Sat) 26:08~26:38 (scheduled)

BS11: 10/6 (Sat) 25:00~25:30 (scheduled)

WOWO: 10/6 (Sat) 24:00~24:30 (scheduled)

Scheduled to be aired on d anime stores and other distribution platforms


■3rd Promotion Video

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