The Dark Heroes Of The Legendary Ultraman Series Arise! Dark Hero Project “DARKNESS HEELS” Officially Starts!

Sep.22, 2018


Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya, Tokyo. President and CEO: Takayuki Tsukagoshi) will now officially start the project “DARKNESS HEELS”, where the “villain” dark heroes of the legendary Ultraman series arise as main characters.

There are many dark heroes with unique characteristics in the Ultraman series. The villains “Ultraman Belial” “Dark Zagi” ”Evil Tiga” ”Camearra” and “Jugglus Juggler”, which are highly popular among young audiences, will come together and become the main characters of “DARKNESS HEELS”.

The tickets for the event “Dark Hero Special Night” that was held on the stage of “Ultraman Festival 2018” were sold out in an instant.  The venue was filled with loud cheers from the audiences when the dark heroes came up on stage at the end of the event.

“DARKNESS HEELS” will hold their first ever event “DARKNESS HEELS WORLD” from Oct. 18th (Thu) ~ Oct. 31st (Wed) at Tokyo Soramachi®, also celebrating Halloween.


Besides monsters and aliens, the dark heroes with unique characteristics are also an important part of the Ultraman series.

Project “DARKNESS HEELS” puts the spotlight on the dark heroes under the theme of “whispers and temptations from the dark”. Please stay tuned as the popular dark heroes “Ultraman Belial” “Dark Zagi” ”Evil Tiga” ”Camearra” and “Jugglus Juggler”  come together in the new dark world.



▲The Worst and Evil HEEL “Ultraman Belial”

An Ultraman who fell into the dark side, and revolted against the Land of Light

First Appearance: Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie (’09)


▲The Night Raider “Dark Zagi”

The incarnation of evil who has entrapped many planets into fear.


▲The Malicious Light of Antithesis “Evil Tiga”

The giant of darkness who once deceived the god

First Appearance: Ultraman Tiga (‘97)


▲The Female Warrior of Love and Hate “Camearra”

The envious female warrior who swayed into darkness

First Appearance: Ultraman Tiga The Final Odyssey (‘00)


▲The Trickster Who Desired for Light “Jugglus Juggler”

The villain who wishes to dive into deeper darkness

First Appearance: Ultraman Orb (‘16)

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