ULTRAMAN ARC Latest Update: New Trailer, New Poster, and July Episodes Digest!

Jun.07, 2024



We are announcing this week’s latest updates for the new series Ultraman Arc, which will be aired on TV Tokyo Network and broadcasted and/or streamed worldwide at 9:00 a.m. JST on July 6, 2024 (Sat).

This week’s update, as we approach within a month before the broadcast, features a new poster including all the main characters, the digest of Episodes 1 – 4 in July, as well as a new trailer with the opening theme song.


Latest Trailer Release with Opening Theme Song 

(Japanese and English Audio Available)


The latest trailer has been released on the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube channel, featuring the scenes from the July episodes and the voice-over narration by the protagonist Yuma (played by Yuki Totsuka) to introduce the world of Ultraman Arc.

The trailer is available in Japanese and English audio, as well as multilingual subtitles.

(To switch to English audio, please set the audio settings to English in the below player.)



The trailer also includes part of the opening theme song – arc jump’n to the sky by access.


As you enjoy the trailer and envision the story, remember to also unleash your imagination!


Episode 1: Arc to the Future (July 6 JST)



Yuma Hize has a strong will to protect everyone. As a rookie investigator of SKIP, the Scientific Kaiju Investigation and Prevention center, he works hard every day on his job to prevent, investigate, and deal with kaiju disasters. Then one day, Shu Ishido from the Global Defense Force shows up… 

They soon find themselves in danger while going after the kaiju Shagong. That’s when “he” appeared in front of Yuma.


Episode 2: Legend in the Woods (July 13 JST)



A construction site is razing a forest and comes across a relic thought to be an ancient ruin. As Hayato, the site manager’s son, anxiously warns Yuma that the construction is in danger, the legend of the forest unfolds.

Now it’s Yuma’s time to respond to Hayato’s feelings.


Episode 3: Unleash Your Imagination! (July 20 JST)



A space kaiju appears in Hoshimoto City; a mysterious giant of light stands on humanity’s side.

What is the meaning of his father’s last words…?

Yuma now has to confront the recurring nightmare, but with a strong belief in his heart.


Episode 4: On the Kaiju’s Tail (July 27 JST)



Something strange happens at Rin’s favorite shopping street. The culprit seems to be a rat, but it is not just your ordinary rat.

In search of the cause, Rin finds herself in danger, and it’s time for Arc to respond with his imagination!


Series Outline

Broadcast starting date: July 6, 2024 (Sat) JST

Broadcast time: Every Saturday at 9:00~9:30 a.m. JST

Broadcasting channels in Japan: TV Tokyo Network and others

Broadcasting channels and websites overseas: <Mainland China> Tencent Video, Youku, iQIYI, Bilibili / <Hong Kong> ViuTV / <Taiwan> MOMO TV / <Thailand> Channel7 / <Indonesia> RTV / <Vietnam> FPT Play / <Malaysia> Astro Ceria

Production: Tsuburaya Productions, TV Tokyo, Dentsu

Official website:

Official Ultraman website:

Official Global X (Twitter):

Cast: Yuki Totsuka, Sho Kaneta, Kaho Mizutani, Koichiro Nishi and others / Voice Cast: Yuya Hirose

Lead Director: Takanori Tsujimoto / Series Composer and Head Writer: Jun Tsugita

Music: Opening Theme Song arc jump’n to the sky by access / Ending Theme Song Mera Mera by ARCANA PROJECT / Soundtrack by Yuki Hayashi




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