A Kaiju that lives in the desert surrounding the mythical city Baradhi found in the Middle East. AntlarIt attracts metallic objects by firing a rainbow-colored Magnetic Beam from between its huge mandibles.

After learning the SSSP Paris division is investigating the disappearance of the Turkishey and Indian divisions during research of a meteorite that fell in the desert, the Japanese division heads to the scene. Their Jet VTOL craft is destroyed when it makes an emergency landing after being hit by Antlar’s Magnetic Beam, and itAntlar disappears in the sand after stealing their Spider-Shots with another Magnetic Beam.

AntlarIt reappears in Baradhi and begins destroying the castle and other buildings when Ultraman appears to fight it. His Spacium Beam is reflected, and Ultraman is put against the oddson the defensive by Antlar’s surprise attacks from within the sand and its Magnetic Beam. In the end, Antlar is defeated when it is hit with the blue stone of Baradhi, found in the hand of a statue of Baradhi’s mythical deity The God of Noa.


Also known as: the Magnet Monster
Height: 40m
Weight: 20,000t

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