Red King

A Kaiju that was awakened from its slumber on Tatara Island by changes to the island’s natural ecosystem resulting in increased earthquakes and volcanic activity. Red King is characterized by its astounding physical strength and its extremely violent disposition. It specializes in throwing rocks to attack.

It was first sighted battling Chandlar, attacking it with kicks and boulders. It began to bleed from its right shoulder after being bitten but it tore Chandlar’s right wing clean-off with its monstrous strength, causing it to flee. It is later attacked by the SSSP when they arrive on the island to rescue one of the islands’ meteorological researchers but Red King is completely unfazed. In retaliation it throws a rock at Pigmon, a Kaiju friendly towards humans, taking its life.

In its battle with Ultraman, Red King took a surprise kick to its back but quickly recovered to charge at our hero. Ultraman defended with an Ultra Chop, so Red King lifted a nearby boulder, but the rock was broken to pieces by a Spacium Beam, and is finally defeated by being thrown to the ground.


Alias: Skull Monster
Height: 45m
Weight: 20,000t

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