One of the Kaiju that lives on Tatara Island alongside the Skull Monster Red King and the Winged Monster Chandlar. Benevolent in nature, Pigmon is the only Kaiju amongst many deadly Kaiju on Tatara Island that shows goodwill towards humans. While it has virtually no physical strength, it is able to draw the attention of enemies with its agile movements and spring-like legs.

It encounters weather researcher Matsui, the sole survivor of Tatara Island’s meteorological research station. It comes to his aid by navigating the dangerous jungle belt infested with the dangerous Strange Plant species Suflan to bring Matsui food and water.

Later when the SSSP members arrive on the island, Pigmon leads them to where Matsui waits for rescue. Suddenly, Red King appears and the SSSP prepare to fight. Pigmon valiantly jumps around to distract Red King, but is hit by a boulder thrown by Red King and tragically perishes.


Also known as: the Friendly Monster
Height: 1m
Weight: 10kg

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