Alien being possessed of advanced intelligence with a face resembling a cicada, scissor-shaped hands like a crayfish, a flight speed of Mach 5, and the ability to teleport and clone themselves. Alien Baltan has the distinctive cry, “Fofofofofofo.”
Dangerous experiments by a reckless scientist destroyed their home world, the Planet Baltan. 2.03 billion Alien Baltans travelling through space at that time became refugees, searching for a new place to call “home”. They took a liking to Earth, which they happened to land on to repair their spaceship, and decided to conquer it.

One of the Alien Baltans, who had all shrunken down to microscopic size to fit in the spacecraft, reverted to their normal size and invaded the Science Center. It then took over the body of SSSP (Science Special Search Party)member Arashi, who had been made unconscious, and began negotiating the migration to Earth. Initially the Alien Baltan showed an understanding of coexisting with humans, but when SSSP member Hayata recommends that they migrate to Mars, where large amounts of “Specium” (Baltan’s weakness) existed it quickly broke off the negotiations, grew gigantic and had started the invasion.

The army launched its Bald Eagle nuclear missiles against Alien Baltan, but just like a cicada sheds its skin, Alien Baltan discarded its wounded body and came back to life. Ultraman appears on the scene and engaged into battle with Alien Baltan, in which Baltan bursted into flames with “Specium Beam”, which contained Baltan’s weakness, Specium.

After the fight, Ultraman uncovered the mother ship of the microsized Alien Baltans, which had been lurking above the Earth. He carried it into space and destroyed it using Specium Beam. About 2 billion or more Alien Baltans were killed, but the few who survived vowed to take revenge, and appear on Earth numerous amounts of times.
(This Story is from “Ultraman”)


Height - Microscopic – 50m
Weight - 0 – 15,000 t

Cloning ability, teleportation, flying ability, molting ability, ability to possess humans, red frozen light rays emitted from the scissor-hands, white destructive light balls emitted from the scissor-hands.

As for the origin of their name, it is thought to be a superimposition of the situation of their home world being destroyed by weapons and having to search for a place to live onto the “Balkan Peninsula,” which, rocked by ethnic and other issues, was called Europe’s explosive warehouse.

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