The very first Kaiju that Ultraman fought on Earth, it is said to be “a devilish Kaiju that disrupts peace throughout the galaxy”. Bemular can change into a blue orb to fly and attack by firing a blue heat ray from its mouth.

Bemular escaped from Ultraman while being escorted by him to the “Space Graveyard” and flew to Earth. It landed in the Ryugamori Lake in Saitama prefecture where it hid in the lakebed while recovering from its long journey. It surfaced the following day but was immediately attacked by the SSSP lying in wait with their Superguns and so retreated back to the lakebed. The SSSP initiated “Ultra Operation No. 1”, a joint attack in water and air, to flush Bemular out of the lake and onto land.

Bemular’s heat ray set the surrounding woods on fire, but after Ultraman arrived and fought Bemular hand-to-hand, it was left exhausted by Ultraman’s Ultra Swing attack. After being thrown once more into the lake, Bemular turns into a blue orb and tries to fly away, but explodes when Ultraman stops it with his Spacium Beam.


Alias: Space Monster
Height: 50m
Weight: 25,000t
Home: Planet M35

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