A Kaiju that lives in the ocean depths equipped with a drill-like horn on the tip of its nose. Gubila moves at high-speed in the water, but can also move both under and above ground.

While submerged in the earth under the sea floor Gubila attacked a newly constructed underwater facility, destroying both the dock and the pipeline supplying the Undersea Center’s oxygen. The President of the Science Public Corporation and several SSSP members including Captain Muramatsu are isolated inside the Undersea Center. The Oceanic Research Center’s underwater research vessel dubbed the Undersea Exploration Ship Tortoise and the SSSP’s S-Submarine 25 are sent to rescue them, but Gubila appears and destroys them both.

When Ultraman appears, Gubila tunnels into the rocks on the seafloor to escape and emerges inland near a control facility, but Ultraman catches up to it. Gubila puts Ultraman on the defensive by tackling him at high speeds with his drill and spraying water at him, but after having its weak point, its drill, severed clean off, Ultraman finishes Gubila with his Spacium Beam.


Also known as: the Abyssal Monster
Height: 50m
Weight: 35,000t

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