Red King II

A different Red King to the Skull Monster that was seen on Tatara Island. Red King II possesses the same violent disposition as its predecessor, but this one utilizes even more varieties of physical attacks and is a slightly different color.

Red King II was in a deep slumber in the ground within the Japanese Alps after having swallowed 6 unused hydrogen bombs. The bombs had been abandoned in the cargo bay of a ship that had sunk to the seafloor in the Sea of Okhotsk. However, the arrival of the giant comet Tsuifon awakened the Freezing Monster Guigass which began to fight with the Comet Monster Dorako, which flew to Earth chasing the Tsuifon comet. Their fight awakened Red King II and it came out of the ground. Red King II used its monstrous strength to attack Dorako and tear off its wing, and then overpowered Guigass with punches and body slams.

Afterwards when Hayata shot it with his Supergun, it threw Hayata off a cliff with the wind pressure from waving its arm, and then fought with Ultraman as Hayata transformed into him mid-fall. Red King II hurt our hero with a varied display of physical attacks, but met its end when it was ultimately cut in two by Ultraman’s Ultra Slash.


Alias: Skull Monster
Height: 45m
Weight: 20,000t

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