An ancient, dinosaur-like kaiju characterized by the large, crescent-shaped horn on its head and a long, thick tail. Its entire body is a brownish color, and the abdomen is covered in thorn-like protrusions.
Professor Nakaya discovered Gomora on Johnson Island while searching for fossils of the “Gomorasaurus,” a dinosaur that had been extinct 150 million years ago.
In order to exhibit Gomora at the World Expo, which was weakened by its prolonged sleep, the SSSP (Science Special Search Party) had tranquilized it with an anesthetic dart. However, Gomora began to struggle when the anesthetic wore off during the airlift, and regained its inherent ferocity and powerful life-force from the impact of falling to Mt. Rokko from the height of 2,000m.

In the battle with Ultraman in Osaka, Gomora defeated Ultraman once with its powerful Mega-ton Tail attack. However it kept on reappearing, but its whip-tail was severely damaged by the SSSP’s Marus 133 gun and it burrowed under the ground toretreat. Gomora later appeared at Osaka Castle and went on a rampage. Finally, Ultraman broke Gomora’s crest and nasal horn and blasted it him with the “Spacium Beam”.
Having been taken out of the depths of slumber on an isolated island for selfish human reasons and killed, the SSSP sympathized with Gomora, and a proposal was made to have its body stuffed and exhibited at the World Expo.
(This story is from “Ultraman”)


Height - 40m
Weight - 20,000 t

Extraordinary strength, Mega-ton Tail, Super Oscillatory Wave (from Mega Monster Battle)

With an immense strength that defeated Ultraman and the look of an ancient kaiju, Gomora is equally as popular as Red King, and plays what could be called the leading part throughout the story in Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battleas a comrade to the protagonist, Rei.

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