Ultraman Ace

Ultraman Ace

Ultraman Ace is a warrior who is said to have particularly many variations of beam moves and psychic abilities among Ultra Heroes. He is second to none, especially in the variety of beam cutters using beam cutters, hence Ultraman Ace is also known as “The Ace of Beam Cutters.” He has two energy sources; one is the Color Timer located on his chest and the other is the Ultra Star located on his forehead. Therefore he is considered to be able to use twice as much energy as other Ultra Heroes so far.


Height - 40 m
Weight - 45,000 t

Special Moves - Metalium Beam
Metalium Beam is the most frequently used super attack beam of Ultraman Ace. Metalium Beam is shot from his right arm when both arms are arranged in an L-shape. Just before firing, he twists his upper body widely to his left rear while extending his arms to the left. The pose while shooting Metalium Beam is the same as Ultraseven’s Wide Shot, but Metalium Beam is perceived to be more powerful than Wide Shot.

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