Height - 45m
Weight - 45,000 t
A compatriot of Ultraman, who came to Earth to take Ultraman’s body back to their homeland: Nebula M78, when Ultraman was defeated by Space Dinosaur Zetton.
At that point, he was just a member of the Inter Galactic Defense Force.
After continuously displaying various brave actions and saving Ultraman, his achievements were recognized and he was appointed as the leader of the Inter Galactic Defense Force.
He is currently on the same position and owns the second highest rank next to that of Father of Ultra, who is the executive leader of the Inter Galactic Defense Force.
He also acts as the leader of the "Ultraman Brothers", a group consists of brave and veteran Ultra Heroes who has protected the peace of the universe and has achieved significant accomplishments.

Special Moves
M87 Beam

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