The picture book of the “little Kaiju”, THE KAIJU STEP will become a TV anime series! The series will start this fall on NHK E-TV!

Apr.16, 2019



The picture book featuring the “little Kaiju”, THE KAIJU STEP will start as a TV anime series!

The series will start from the beginning of this fall on NHK E-TV!




THE KAIJU STEP is a picture book featuring the Kaiju from the ULTRAMAN series, but this time they’ve become little kids! The anime series based on the picture book will start broadcasting within NHK “E-TV Mini Anime” programming block.


The title of the TV anime series is THE KAIJU STEP WANDABADA.

Please stay tuned for further information on the anime series.


Please enjoy the little Kaiju’s “first steps”!


NHK animeworld:




The Kaiju of the ULTRAMAN series have now become little kids. They live on a little planet somewhere in space. The unique “little Kaiju” try new things, meet new friends and portray each of their little “first steps”.

Let’s become friends with the little Kaiju!

Picture books Little Pigg’s Balloon and Hide-And-Seek with Little Kane (published by Shogakukan) are now available.

TV anime series THE KAIJU STEP WANDABADA starting from 2019 Fall.

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