Heroes of Three Generations to Gather for The First Time! “ULTRAMAN Festival 2019” Raised its Curtain from July 19 (Fri)

Jul.30, 2019


Marking its 29th time in Tokyo, a must go summer event that has attracted over 4.9 million visitors the “Ultraman Festival” has finally opened at Ikebukuro Sunshine City from July 19th (Fri.).

A private viewing was held on the 18th (Thu), in advance to the opening of the festival. There, the official supporters Bakushomondai (Japanese comedian duo, Hikaru Ota and Yuji Tanaka) appeared in the Science Special Search Party uniform. They introduced the “Parent and Child Amazing Big Photo Spot” with the eye-catching Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Taiga, and the “Must-see now! The Glorious Ultraman Battle Diorama” exhibition produced by Bakushomondai. At the event, Father of Ultra and Mother of Ultra, Ultraman Taro, and Taro’s son Ultraman Taiga had also appeared, in which the heroes of “three generations” had gathered for the first time on earth.


From Left: Ultraman Taiga, Ultraman Taro, Bakushomondai Yuji Tanaka, Bakushomondai Hikaru Ota, Father of Ultra, Mother of Ultra.


“Shuwatch” with the children.


“Ultraman Festival 2019” is held from July 19th (Fri) – August 26th (Mon) at Ikebukuro Sunshine Bunka Kaikan Bldg. (Closed on August 7th (wed))

“Ultraman Festival 2019” Official Website:


Inside ”Ultraman Festival 2019”


Posing at the “Parent and Child Amazing Big Photo Spot” with Taro (Right), and Taiga.


The setting of the diorama produced by Bakushomondai is near the station of Asagaya.


Emerium Beam pose in front of Ultraseven.


For the first time, a center stage appeared!


The new hero Ultraman Taiga (Middle), Ultraman Titas (Left), and Ultraman Fuma (Right) fought with bravery at the amazing Ultra Live Stage.


Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Taiga the father-son heroes.


The battle of Ultraman Taiga and Red King.


Photos with the hero at the popular Ultra Shot. (with additional charges)




”Ultraman Festival 2019” Event Summary

– Total Duration: July 19 (Fri) 2019 – August 26 (Mon), 38 days

Part 1: July 19 (Fri) – August 6 (Tue), 19 days

Part 2: August 8 (Thu) – August 26 (Mon), 19 days

Closed on August 7 (Wed) due to maintenance

– Hours: 10:00am – 5:30pm (Last Entrance 5:00pm)

– Address: Exhibition Hall B, 4F Sunshine Bunka Kaikan Bldg.

Sunshine City, 3-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

– Sponsor: TBS Television

– Planning and Production: Ultraman Festival Office


– Official Website:

– Official Twitter:

– For more information: TBS Event Dial number +81-0570-00-0660

(available until August 26 / reception hours: 9:30am – 6:30pm)


Special Entrance Gift

Limited only at the Ultraman Festival!!

All guests are able to receive a special entrance gift!

Ultraman Festival limited fusion fight card for Data Carddass!

A new mode and system are added to the game!


・Part 1: Special Card 01 Ultraman Taiga “Family Bond” Card

・Part 2: Special Card 02 Ultraman Taiga “The Sons of the Next Generation” Card


Official Website:


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