A “haven” for Popular Kaiju like Red King and Pigmon! The new VR ride “Kaiju Haven: VR Adventure” is coming!

Mar.31, 2020



The super impressive, fully CG “Kaiju Haven: VR Adventure” will be available at the VR theme park “Tyffonium Odaiba” from March 31st!
From Red King and Pigmon to Alien Baltan and Eleking, this VR attraction features a total of 12 popular Kaiju, taking you on a thrilling 360° adventure through the otherworldly haven.



■ What is “Kaiju Haven: VR Adventure?”

“Come here. I promise we won’t eat you.”

Red King, Alien Baltan, Pigmon… What if, somehow, they suddenly appeared before you…? In this adventure attraction, you can experience a realistic VR world populated with Kaiju beloved to all ages from Tsuburaya’s works. 

Embark on an expedition in a state-of-the-art buggy to kaiju paradise, where you will face life-sized Kaiju and scan them with your survey laser. Aim for the goal while collecting data. There is a total of 12 Kaiju that appear along eight different routes, so you can meet different monsters in each experience.

Moving forward, there are plans to take “Kaiju Haven: VR Adventure” to more venues and events both in and outside of Japan.


■ Overview of “Kaiju Haven: VR Adventure”

Opening Date: Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Location: VR Theme Park Tyffonium Odaiba, Diver City Plaza Floor 5

Fee: 2,400 (tax included)

Target Age: 7 years and older



■ About “Kaiju Haven”

Tsuburaya Productions’ monsters and aliens have appeared in works for various reasons. What were they trying to tell people through their behavior? Therein lies a universal question that we humans cannot avoid. For that very reason, it could be vitally important to listen to their voices.

“Kaiju Haven” is a work that captures the lives of monsters and aliens as they are in nature rather than showing them as enemies.



©Kaiju Haven VR Adventure Production Committee (Tsuburaya Productions/TBS/Tyffon)


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