ULTRAMAN Z Available on ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel with English Sub / Simulcast and Catch Up Information in Asia

Jun.19, 2020



Ultraman Z (Zett), the latest Ultraman series from Tsuburaya Productions, premieres in Japan at 9:30 AM Saturday, June 20th. This year, worldwide fans can enjoy the complete adventures of Ultraman Z and his allies in STORAGE on YouTube after each episode airs on TV!  Premiere episode is this Saturday, June 20th at 9:30 AM JST.


Tune in to ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL by TSUBURAYA PROD.  on YouTube every Saturday at 9:30 AM JST to watch the newest episode with official English/Chinese subtitles, soon after the initial Japanese airing. But watch quickly! Each episode will only be available for two weeks, so fans had better catch them while they can!


■Simulcast in other platforms are also available this year for Asia! Please check out the information for your own region or country below!



Mandarin Dub ver. And Simplified Chinese Sub ver. are available at each platform from Saturday, June 20th at 10:00 AM CST

腾讯视频 / 奇艺优酷土豆 / : 百视通



Traditional Chinese Sub ver. is available at each platform

巴哈姆特: from Saturday, June 27th at 10:30 AM CST

Line TV: from Saturday, June 27th at 10:30 AM CST

LiTV立視: from Sunday, June 28th at 12:00 PM CST

Yahoo TV:  from Sunday, June 28th at 12:00 PM CST

KKTV: from Sunday, June 28th at 12:00 PM CST

Hami video: from Tuesday, June 30th at 12:00 PM CST

中嘉bbtv: from Wednesday, July 1st at 12:00 PM CST

myVideo: from Saturday, July 4th at 12:00 PM CST

Friday影音: from Saturday, July 4th at 12:00 PM CST

中華電信MOD: from Saturday, July 4th at 12:00 PM CST



FLIXER: Thai Dub ver. and Thai Sub ver. are available from Saturday, June 20th at 8:00 AM ICT

DEX CLUB: Thai Sub ver. is available from Saturday, June 27th at 8:00 AM ICT





Ultraman Z Series Summary

Once, shards of evil called “Devil Splinters” were scattered across space, throwing the galaxy into chaos. At that time, Ultraman Z, a new member of the Inter Galactic Defense Force who sought out Ultraman Zero as a mentor, comes down to Earth while chasing the Ferocious Space Shark Genegarg. On Earth, the Anti-Monster Robot Force STORAGE is formed to face down the monsters that appear on a daily basis. In his first battle, Z merges with Haruki Natsukawa, a new pilot of STORAGE. Together, they rise up to protect the peace! However, behind the scenes, the parasitic lifeform Celebro has set a terrifying plot into motion…


Coming June 20th – Ultraman Z Episode 1

Haruki Natsukawa is a pilot for Global Allied Forces Japan’s robot unit, STORAGE. As he fights day and night to keep the peace on Earth, a new Ultra Hero alights before him! That hero’s name is Ultraman Z. He’s a hot-blooded hero who introduces himself as the disciple of Ultraman Zero. In the face of the Ferocious Space Shark Genegarg’s onslaught, the two imperiled heroes become one, and the story of Ultraman Z begins!




Ultraman Z Production Overview

Broadcast Start Date: 6/20/2020 (Saturday)

Broadcast Time: Every Saturday from 9:00~9:30 AM

Broadcast Channel: TXN Network and others

Production Companies: Tsuburaya Productions, TV Tokyo, and Dentsu

Official Series Website (Japanese):

Tsuburaya Global Corporate Website:

Ultraman Galaxy (Official North American Website):

Official Twitter:

Actors: Kohshu Hirano, Rima Matsuda, Hikari Kuroki, Takaya Aoyagi, Rihito Noda,

Jun Hashizume, Hisahiro Ogura, Tatsuomi Hamada, and others

Character Voices: Tasuku Hatanaka, Mamoru Miyano, Katsumi Fukuhara, and others

Main Director: Kiyotaka Taguchi

Theme Song: Masaaki Endoh, “GOSHOWA KUDASAI WARE NO NA WO! (Chant My Name!)”

Ending Song: Nami Tamaki, “Connect the Truth”

Music: Hijiri Anze



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