Celebrating the Broadcast of ULTRA ZERO FIGHT Part 2 (with subtitles)! Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Story!

Jun.29, 2020


ULTRA ZERO FIGHT is streaming on YouTube as part of the Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary Project! Part 2 began streaming on Wednesday, May 13th. English subtitles are now available for part 2 so that Zero’s heroic adventures can be shared with more people around the world!



“What is ULTRA ZERO FIGHT anyway?” “Is it fine to start watching from Part 2?” “What are the highlights?” These are some of the questions our new fans might have. Let this article take you inside the story of ZERO FIGHT and answer those questions so you can better enjoy this exciting series!






The Mastermind of Darkness finally appears before Zero!! The figure standing on the rock, cloaked in darkness, is Armored Darkness! But the in a flash, the dark armor falls away and the helmet comes off… What is the face that appears from behind it? A spectacular battle with Zero’s nemesis begins!


ULTRA ZERO FIGHT is a miniseries that was broadcast during episodes of ULTRAMAN RETSUDEN from 2012 – 2013. Each episode is 3-4 minutes long, and it was Ultraman Zero’s first-ever all-new TV series!



Before the revival of ULTRAMAN GINGA (2013), Ultraman Zero made his exciting debut in MEGA MONSTER BATTLE ULTRA GALAXY: THE MOVIE, and his heroic adventures could only be seen in theaters or in original video releases. However, many fans and staff members expressed a strong desire to see Zero in all-new TV episodes. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that these voices opened they way for the ongoing New Generation series.





2. Is it fine to start watching from Part 2?


Each episode of ULTRA ZERO FIGHT is 3-4 minutes long with a must-see climax. These climactic scenes pit Zero and members of Ultimate Force against enemies one after the other, so you can watch as they battle, battle, battle!!


No matter which episode you start from, you can enjoy the climactic battles of ULTRA ZERO FIGHT! Every viewer will feel as though they are watching the live-action stages but in a video form!



This concept was replicated in ULTRA FIGHT VICTORY (2015), ULTRA FIGHT ORB (2017), and even in the YouTube original series ULTRA GALAXY FIGHT: NEW GENERATION HEROES (2019). It has created a new genre in the Ultraman series.




3. What are the highlights of Part 2?

◆   Darkness Five, the archenemy of Zero

Five mysterious figures watch as Alien Bat, the villain of part 1, is defeated. They are called the “Darkness Five.” The same aliens that tormented the Ultras in past series, they are once again led by “the lord,” who plans to hunt down Ultraman Zero and his allies.


The showdown between Ultimate Force Zero and the Darkness Five is the centerpiece of part 2.


The Sorcerous Sly


The infernal Jatar


The nefarious Villainous


The freezing Grocken


The flaming Deathlogue



◆    Heroic Adventures of Ultimate Force Zero

One of the most appealing aspects of Ultraman Zero is the amusing banter between Glenfire, Mirror Knight, Jean-Bot, and Jean-Nine, the Ultimate Force Zero.



However, because of the Darkness Five and “the lord’s” trap, Zero has to fight against his allies! How will Ultimate Force Zero fight against this challenge? Will their bond be broken? Watch the series to find out!



◆   A miraculous transformation into Shining Ultraman Zero

In part one, Ultraman Zero gains the power to transform into Strong Corona Zero and Luna Miracle Zero. In part 2, Zero will transform into the miracle warrior, Shining Ultraman Zero!



The transformation sequence is definitely something to look forward to, and this extremely rare transformation into Shining Ultraman Zero can only be seen in part two of this series!

You don’t want to miss it!


We are also happy to announce that you can now preorder the limited edition Shining Ultraman Zero action figure!

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We hope you enjoyed our introduction to Ultraman Zero.

With amazing voice actors and English subtitles for anyone in the world to enjoy, we hope everyone gets a taste of the world of Ultra Zero Fight through our Ultraman Official YouTube channel!

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