Now introducing a project for the fans of ULTRAMAN Z (Zett)! Enjoy three times the fun with the spin-off voice dramas and related episodes from previous series!

Jul.09, 2020


Ultraman Z (Zett) is now airing every Saturday at 9:00 AM (Japan Standard Time) on TV Tokyo in Japan. For fans outside Japan, you can enjoy each episode from 9:30 AM on our ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel, which is available for two weeks. Now, we are also releasing an all-new original spin-off voice drama related to the series!


All 24 episodes will be uploaded to our ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube channel at 9:30 AM every Saturday, same time as the YouTube release.


The Ultraman Z & Ultraman Zero Voice Drama will unveil the as-of-yet unheard stories between Ultraman Z (Voice: Yu Hatanaka) and Ultraman Zero (Voice: Mamoru Miyano), who form a master-pupil relationship, along with behind-the-scenes ultra-rare stories.





For our “Special Ultra 2020 Project,” every Monday at 6:00 PM (JST) Tsuburaya Productions will be uploading specially chosen episodes that will be related to the week’s Ultraman Z, each of which will be available for two weeks. These newly selected episodes will let you enjoy Ultraman Z even more! Make sure to tune in to find out which series and episode we will be showing!


We hope you fully enjoy the world of Ultraman Z with these selected episodes and voice drama.


↓ Trailer for next week’s episode of Ultraman Z

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