Let’s Enjoy “Stay at Home with Ultraman!” Children at Home Can Enjoy Exercise and Fingerplay Songs from “Ultraman Foundation” that are Now Available for Free on YouTube

Aug.03, 2020


In order to support children’s futures, starting from July 26th (Sun) the Ultraman Foundation is now offering video content for children on Tsuburaya Productions’ official YouTube channel, ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL!  

  ○There Are Loads of Fun Videos with Ultraman, Including ”Ultraman Exercise!” ●Let’s Ultra-challenge with the heroes! In these videos, children can play together with various Ultra Heroes who appear as role models!   【Ultraman Exercise】   Ultraman Zero   Ultraman Geed   Ultraman Z (Zett)   Ultraman Titas     【Fingerplay Song “The Ultraman from First Street”】 Ultraman Z   Ultraman Zero   Appearing Voices: Voyager (TAKERU, Chiaki Seshimo)   【Fingerplay Song ”Rock, Paper, Scissors”】 Ultraman Z & Ultraman Zero   Ultrawoman Grigio & Ultraman Taiga   Ultraman X & Ultraman Geed   Appearing Voices: Voyager (TAKERU, Chiaki Seshimo)     ●Introduced by Ultraman Zero! 【10 selected episodes from our past Ultraman series】  

  7/26 (Sun) Ultraman Ep.34 “A Gift from the Sky” 8/02 (Sun) Ultraman Ginga S Ep.11 “Gan-Q’s Tears” 8/09 (Sun) Ultraman Orb Ep.9 “The Impostor Blues” 8/16 (Sun) Ultraman X Ep.16 “Feature Report! 24 Hours Inside Xio” 8/23 (Sun) Ultraman Dyna Ep.30 “Invasion Scenario” 8/30 (Sun) Ultraman Mebius Ep.39 “The Invincible Mother” 9/06 (Sun) Ultraman Gaia Ep.40 “I Want to Meet Gaia!” 9/13 (Sun) Ultraman Leo Ep.23 “The Mischievous Alien Who Fell Out of His Bed” 9/20 (Sun) Ultraman Cosmos Ep.27 “The Earth-Born Space Monster” 9/27 (Sun) Return of Ultraman Ep.32 “Duel Under the Setting Sun” *Each episode will be available from 10 AM on the streaming date until the end of the next month. Tsuburaya Productions Official YouTube Channel “ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL”:   〇What is Ultraman Foundation? Ultraman Foundation is a foundation instituted by Tsuburaya Productions with cooperating group companies after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. With activities centering around visits by the Ultra Heroes, Ultraman Foundation pledges to continue these activities in support of children’s futures. We will be providing support for the 2020 floods that happened in July.   Ultraman Foundation Official Website (Japanese):

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