New TV Show ULTRAMAN CHRONICLE Z: HEROES’ ODYSSEY Will Begin Broadcasting January 9, 2021 (Sat) at 9 AM on TV Tokyo Network Channels!

Nov.28, 2020



  Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masayuki Nagatake; hereafter Tsuburaya Productions) will broadcast its new series, Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes’ Odyssey, weekly on Saturdays starting on January 9, 2021 at 9:00 AM (JST) on TV Tokyo channels.   Known as the landmark of the “Heisei Ultraman Series,” Ultraman Tiga began broadcasting in 1996 and will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year. Ultraman Tiga is still immensely popular to this day and is lovingly called by the name “TDG” together with its following series, Ultraman Dyna (1997) and Ultraman Gaia (1998). It continues to shine as one of the cornerstones of the current Ultraman series.   Additionally, the highly popular series Ultraman Z (Zett) has received glowing reviews since its broadcast in June. The children of the “TDG” generation have become parents themselves, and with their children welcomed as new fans, the second and third generations are enjoying the show together.   While featuring Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Z, the two series representing the Heisei and Reiwa eras, the upcoming Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes’ Odyssey will tell the story of the heroic odysseys of giants of light, such as Tiga and Z, from a brand new perspective.   To bridge the two vastly different worlds of Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Z, Ultraman Zero (voiced by Mamoru Miyano), a hero who can go back and forth between parallel universes, will serve as the navigator of the new series. Son of Ultraseven, disciple of Ultraman Leo, and recently the master of Z, Zero will connect the tales of adventure of many different Ultra Heroes.   ■Show Title: Broadcast Channel: TV Tokyo network 6 channels Start Date: January 9, 2021 (Saturday) Broadcast Time: 9:00~9:30 every Saturday Producer: Tsuburaya Productions Official Website:

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