Take the Ultra Challenge with the “Smiling Exercise” Led by Daichi Oozora! Now Available from the Ultraman Foundation on ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel

Dec.27, 2020



Living our lives wearing masks, it’s difficult to show each other our expressions. Underneath those masks, everyone’s facial muscles tend to get stiff. Let’s all challenge ourselves with Daichi Oozora’s “Smiling Exercise!”


Starring Kensuke Takahashi (playing Daichi Oozora from ULTRAMAN X) and Ultraman X


Produced by Ultraman Foundation



<Ultraman Foundation>

The Ultraman Foundation has regularly worked to support children and their futures. With the Ultraman Foundation, children can watch a special live movie with a message from the Ultra Heroes, exercise at home with “Ultraman Exercise,” or play along to music with “The Ultraman from First Street” and “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Enjoy playing along at home or at daycare!



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