ULTRAMAN Features in the “SingapoReimagine ULTRAMAN” Campaign in Celebration of the 55 Anniversary of Japan-Singapore Relations

Jun.01, 2021


  This year Ultraman, which celebrates its 55th Anniversary, has been chosen as the headline character to represent the 55th year of Singapore-Japan public relations!   ●ULTRAMAN Becoming the Face of the SJ55 Project   The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is celebrating 55 years of formal diplomatic relations with Japan in 2021, which it has dubbed SJ55. To bridge the gap caused by current travel restrictions, they are planning various projects so that you can experience Singapore while remaining in Japan.   Among all of them, Ultraman will feature in the “SingapoReimagine    ULTRAMAN” campaign as the Ambassador of Light, to connect the 55th anniversary of Singapore-Japanese relations, with the anniversary of Ultraman’s first appearance on Earth 55 years ago.   The main poster of the campaign represents the theme “SingapoReimagine” and sees Japan’s iconic hero Ultraman standing gallantly before the Marina Bay Sands as he looks over the Merlion statue. The design embodies the 55 years of amicable relations between Singapore and Japan.   In the press event held today, Ultraman appeared in person to show his support, and to pass on a message to the SJ55 project.   “SingapoReimagine    ULTRAMAN” will be held between June 2021 and December 2022. During this period, there are also plans for Ultraman to appear in original movies and feature on special merchandise. Please stay tuned for further announcements.  

  ●Message from ULTRAMAN   Earth, a beautiful planet which floats in the vastness of Space. There, various people respect one another’s culture, and walk together towards an unforeseen future.   In Central Southeast Asia where summer never ends, the city of Singapore stands resolute. Here, people have gathered from many countries and regions, and have built a beautiful place out of their noble passions. With old traditions and new technologies, they live with abundant nature and limitless passion. All I love about Earth is there.   Now it is said that Singapore, and the people of Earth, face an unprecedented crisis. I want to be of help to you all so that your people can come together once again, and so that they can smile once more. And so that once again this land can be filled with passion and wonder.   Let us overcome this difficulty together, and move on as one; Towards a brighter future.   ●Links SJ55 Special Website  

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