A New Chapter Begins! Teaser Poster of the 6 Warriors Released! Anime ULTRAMAN Season 2 Streaming Worldwide from Spring, 2022!

Sep.25, 2021


Since it began streaming on Netflix in 2019, the ULTRAMAN Anime has garnered popularity with fans not only in Japan, but the world over. It was nominated for Best Direction in TV/Media at the 47th Annie Awards and was awarded Best TV Anime at the VFX Japan 2020 Awards. It has received both domestic and international acclaim, and season 2 is set to begin world-wide streaming from Spring, 2022.


Following the legend of the Ultra 6 Brothers, the new 6 Warriors (ULTRAMAN, SEVEN, ACE, ZOFFY, JACK, TARO) assemble!



Netflix’s first ever special event ‘TUDUM; A Netflix Global Fan Event’ held on September 25th, 2021, featured an appearance from Ryohei Kimura, who plays Shinjiro Hayata. As well as expressing his passion for the show, he also revealed a teaser image for the ULTRAMAN Anime, Season 2.



This event featured a talk show with staff and creators from over 70 Netflix titles, showcased exclusive news of upcoming tiles and works, and garnered attention worldwide.

Among the guests were Dawyne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, and many familiar Hollywood stars. Representing Japan was renowned actor and voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda, who is known for playing Adad in the ULTRAMAN Anime.


In the Teaser Image, surrounding Shinjiro Hayato (the son of Ultraman), we can see an image of the 6 Warriors side-by-side (ULTRAMAN, SEVEN, ACE, ZOFFY, JACK, TARO), evoking the image of the legendary Ultra 6 Brothers.

As an exclusive Netflix streaming title, Season 2 will be streamed to over 190 countries and territories. It will be a brand new story for the series, so keep your eyes peeled for any and all updates and information.



ULTRAMAN Anime Season 2 Outline

■ Streaming on Netflix worldwide from Spring, 2022

Title: ULTRAMAN Season 2

Original Work: Tsuburaya Productions, Eiichi Shimizu & Tomohiro Shimoguchi (Serial Publication of Monthly Hero’s)

Directors: Kenji Kamiyama & Shinji Aramaki

Music: Toda Nobuka & Kazuma Jinnouchi

Production: Production I.G & SOLA DIGITAL ARTS

Official Website:




ULTRAMAN Anime Season 1 Outline

■Available for streaming on Netflix worldwide.


Episode: 13 in total.

Original Work: Tsuburaya Productions, Eiichi Shimizu & Tomohiro Shimoguchi (Serial Publication of Monthly Hero’s)

Directors: Kenji Kamiyama & Shinji Aramaki

Music: Toda Nobuka & Kazuma Jinnouchi

Production: Production I.G & SOLA DIGITAL ARTS

CAST:Shinjiro Hayato/Ryohei Kimura, Dan Moroboshi/Takuya Eguchi, Seiji Hokuto/Megumi Han, Shin Hayata/Hideyuki Tanaka, Rena Sayama/Sumire Morohoshi, Mitsuhiro Ide/Ken Uo, Edo/Shigeru Ushiyama, JACK/Ryota Takeuchi, Yosuke Endo/Eiji Hanawa, Kurata/Hirokazu Sekido, Shiraishi/Minoru Shiraishi, Adad/Kenjiro Tsuda, Ace Killer/Hiroaki Hirata, Bemular/Kaiji Soze

Opening Song:OLDCODEX “Sight Over The Battle”

TV Broadcast Opening Song: OLDCODEX “Core Fade”

TV Broadcast Ending Song: Void_Chords feat. Ryohei & Foggy-D “my ID”

Official Website:





Long ago, there was a Giant of Light that protected Earth against the dangers of invading aliens and giant monsters. His name? Ultraman. He fused with Hayata, a member of the Science Special Search Party, and once he had fulfilled his duty, he left Earth. Time passed, and humanity entered a time of prosperity. However, this time of peace hides secrets beneath its surface…

Now, at a time when the world needs a new Giant of Light, and a new hero who inherited the light factor from the original hero emerges. Yet, he is no giant, but a simple high school student, in a strengthened metallic suit…

His name is Shinjiro Hayata. Son of the man who was once Ultraman, Shin Hayata, he starts a new story of his struggle to be the Ultraman of a new age. His story unfolds from here!

ULTRAMAN first appeared on TV in 1966, and after half a century, the ULTRAMAN comic (produced by Eiichi Shimizu & Tomohiro Shimoguchi, published in Monthly Hero’s) was first published. The ULTRAMAN comic is set in the world after Ultraman left Earth. Ultraman appears as a regular-sized hero clad in a metallic suit, and is none-other than the son of the former Ultraman who faces his regular people problems. The new world view which this comic introduced garnered adoration and support from many young fans, becoming a hit-seller, with cumulative publications at over 3 million copies.

With the new ULTRAMAN anime, we similarly dive into a challenging new world. Taking the reins are director Kenji Kamiyama, of Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX, and Napping Princess, and director Shinji Aramaki, behind APPLESEED, and Starship Troopers: Traitors of Mars.

Director Kamiyama has undying support from animation fans across the world for his profound Science Fiction settings, and his portrayal of multi-layered human drama storytelling. Director Shinji Aramaki is one the leading Japanese full 3DCG animation movie producers and has received critical acclaim overseas for his design of mechanical gadgets in CG animation. ULTRAMAN, being undertaken by this pair of globally accredited creators, is also being made in full 3DCG animation. Production IG and SOLA DIGITAL ARTS are using a mixture of motion capture technology to reflect the actor’s performance against the Ultraman Suits’ intricate textures in 3DCG, as well as incorporating the dynamic action that can only be expressed through animation.

Japan’s treasured hero Ultraman is born again in the ULTRAMAN animation and opens a new chapter in his history to the rest of the world.



Long ago, there was a being known as the Giant of Light. Once this giant had fulfilled his duty, he returned to his home world in distant space. The earthling he fused with, losing all memories of their time together, also returned to his rightful place. Ultraman’s existence became a part of history, and the Science Special Search Party’s Japan branch also finished their duties, and founded the Giant of Light Memorial Museum.

Shinjiro Hayata is a sentimental high school student. However, he realizes he has surprising abilities far beyond those of “normal” people, such as tremendous jumping power and an strong body resistant to injury.

Then one day, he discovers that his father, Shin Hayata, was once the hero Ultraman.

He also learns of the aliens operating in the shadows of a now Ultraman-less Earth.

As it happens, Shinjiro is one of a few matches for the new Ultraman Suit, developed by Ide of the now secret organization, the Science Special Search Party.


“Let me be blunt, I want you to be the next Ultraman”


The latest information can be found on the official homepage and twitter accounts.

・ULTRAMAN Anime Official Website:

・Official Twitter Account: @heros_ultraman



ULTRAMAN Comic Outline

Authors: Eiichi Shimizu & Tomohiro Shimoguchi(of Linebarrels of Iron, etc.)

Publisher/Serialisation:  HEROZ, inc. / Monthly Hero’s

Standalone Comics:: Chapter 17 currently on-sale / Heros Comic (issued by Shogakukan Creative)

ULTRAMAN Official Site:

Official Twitter Account: @heros_ultraman


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