ULTRAMAN MEBIUS Releases on the Ultraman Official YouTube Channel!

Oct.07, 2021




ULTRAMAN MEBIUS, produced as a commemoration of the Ultraman series’ 40th anniversary, marked its 15th anniversary this year.


Ultraman Mebius debuted as a rookie of the Inter Galactic Defense Force.

Through priceless experiences he shared together with his comrades on Earth, he has grown up to become a fully-skilled Ultra hero. In his latest appearance seen in ULTRA GALAXY FIGHT: THE ABSOLUTE CONSPIRACY, he’s now capable to support his juniors as well.


To celebrate the anniversary, following the film ULTRAMAN MEBIUS & ULTRA BROTHERS, we are now releasing the TV series on the official ULTRAMAN YouTube channel!



Each episode will go up on Thursdays. Episode 1 will be up at 9 pm JST on Thursday October 7th and the following episodes will be up at 9 pm JST every Thursday.


In case you missed it, the film ULTRAMAN MEBIUS & ULTRA BROTHERS could be watched here.



We hope you continue to support the Ultraman Official YouTube Channel as we continue to evolve and produce new content.


*The episode may not be available in certain regions.

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