Important Notice on Unauthorized Product by Elevated Games

Oct.14, 2021


This notice is to inform you that unauthorized product and service of Ultraman related NFTs have been distributed online.

Due to repeated contract violations, Tsuburaya Productions would like to inform that all NFT related projects made by Elevated Games Inc., under the Ultraman license are not supported officially and should not be considered licensed product. They ignored our repeated warning that they should receive our prior approval in using our Ultraman properties on their services.  

These services include, the Ultraman Kaiju Kombat game, and any NFT projects currently or previously available, or available in the future.


Elevated Games website:

Ultraman Kaiju Kombat:


Since we are not liable for such unauthorized NFT products, we urge everyone not to access such service website and make payments or submit your personal information, etc.


Thank you

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