Anime ULTRAMAN Season 2, Ayane Sakura to Voice New Character Alien Wadoran Maaya! Latest Trailer Released!

Mar.28, 2022



Ayane Sakura to voice new original Anime character, the Alien Wadoran Princess Maaya.


Maaya is the leader of the Alien Wadoran species, and plays a key role behind the scenes in the mass disappearance event.
Possessing a secret motive, she and her obedient Noh Mask Maids operate the “Biosis Camera” in order to remotely teleport people.
Alien Wadoran is a character design is a mix of  Alien Wild and Alien Magellan from Ultraseven and an homage to both.
In the character trailer and teaser images released today, we can see Maaya using the Biosis Camera, as well as the Space Dragon “Esrun”, based on Ultraseven’s Space Dragon Nurse.






Ayane Sakura to voice new character Alien Wadoran Maaya

Feeling the limits of her species, the Alien Wadoran Princess journeys to Earth to steal humanity’s lifeforce.


Comment from Sakura Ayane
I am Ayane Sakura, voice of Alien Wadlan.
I watched Ultraman when I was young, and I’m overjoyed to be able to dive into this new world of ULTRAMAN.
I want everyone to be drawn in by Alien Wadlan’s cuteness.
Please give her all of your support.

Character Trailers Releasing Regularly

Leading up to Season 2 of Anime ULTRAMAN, we are releasing trailers to highlight the new characters.
TARO (Voice Actor: Tomoaki Maeno), ZOFFY(VA: Hideyuki Tanaka), JACK (VA: Ryota Takeuchi), Izumi (VA: Maaya Sakamoto), Alien Pedant (VA: Junichi Suwabe), and other character trailers releasing soon!

They will be available for viewing on the official Ultraman Youtube Channel.

Character Trailers Playlist

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