New Trailer and Poster Released for Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad! Series to be Available for Rental in English from May 28th on Ultraman Connection!

Mar.29, 2022





Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad will be made available in English for online rental starting from May 28th, 2022, on Ultraman Connection. There will be an online event on Ultraman Connection to celebrate the release.

Before the streaming rental release is available, take a look at the brand new poster covering the characters central to the series, and a new ultimate trailer featuring unreleased footage with a high-tempo opening song performed by Konomi Suzuki. An additional Japanese cast line-up is also revealed.



The Ultra League VS The Kingdom! The 3 Ultras who Took Off an Adventure Join the Fierce Fight?!







The new trailer revealed many short clips to help you picture the intense new conflict about to take place.

The video ends with the Ultra Force members Ultraman Scott, Ultraman Chuck, and Ultrawoman Beth from Ultraman: The Adventure Begins. Fans were able to see the three-hero-team join the fight, with their designs refined based on their animated feature movie for the Ultra Galaxy Fight series.



First Time Ever, an English Opening Theme Released Simultaneously with the Japanese! Konomi Suzuki’s “Now or Never!”

Konomi Suzuki was chosen as the singer for Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad’s opening song: “Now or Never!”

For the first time, the song will feature a simultaneous release in both English and Japanese.

Fans won’t have to wait long, they can enjoy the new opening’s chorus in the latest trailer. We hope you are excited to listen to the high-tempo, up-beat opening that promises to bring the Ultra Heroes’ battles to life!



Comment from Konomi Suzuki

I never thought the day would come where I would be singing the opening song for the Ultraman Series! I’m very happy and still in shock. As a child I admired the Ultra Heroes’ upstanding character, and how they show “whatever happens, go out there and just be you”. I’ll sing with heart and soul to put that admiration and light into the song. I hope that Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroads and my music will reach your hearts.


Opening Song “Now or Never!” performed by Konomi Suzuki

Lyrics, Composer & Arranging by Yocke


We are planning a special event to celebrate the song’s release at Ultraman Connection. Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon!



Additional Japanese Voice Cast Announced! Cast Comments Comes with New Images of the Ultra Force!

From the joint Japan-America animated film Ultraman: The Adventure Begins (retitled as “Ultraman USA” in Japan), the Ultra Force heroes join the galaxy-shattering fight! These renowned, talented voice actors share their thoughts!

Reprising his role of Ultraman Scott after 33 years, Toru Furuya will join the original cast after voicing him in the original Ultraman USA (1989). Breathing new life into the Ultra Force are Masaki Terasoma, voicing Ultraman Chuck originally played by Shinji Ogawa, and Asami Seto, voicing Ultraman Beth originally played by Hiromi Tsuru.


Toru Furuya, voice of Ultraman Scott

It was unbelievable for me to think I would once again be playing the role of Ultraman Scott, after voicing him just once over 33 years ago. I had completely forgotten the film, so I bought Ultraman USA on Blu-ray and listened to my younger self before recording. Unlike animation, recording for Tokusatsu requires some ad-libbed lines not in the script, and while I was nervous to have my creativity and expressiveness tested like that, it was also very enjoyable, and an honor to become one of the Ultra Heroes that everyone knows and loves.



Masaki Terasoma, voice of Ultraman Chuck

I’m very happy to become a part of a genre with such a rich history like the Ultraman series. In recording, when we recorded the “Shuwatch” line, I remember I added too much energy, and kept confirming with the director “Is this OK?” many times. I became very introspective being given the chance to say this iconic, long-running line, so I hope all of you out there will pay attention to it in the show.


Asami Seto, Voice of Ultrawoman Beth

I remember when my manager first brought over the file for the Ultra Galaxy Fight series, I saw the words “A Tsuburaya Work” and “Ultraman”, and excitedly thinking “I get to be involved with Ultraman!” and being excited to start recording. At the recording studio I watched the characters move on screen, and added my own action and lines. Especially, I remember recording “Shuwah!!” was difficult to do! Ultraman Beth is smart and strong, a cool woman who always seems in control. As the only woman of the Ultra Force, I hope everyone enjoys seeing Ultrawoman Beth on screen.



New Voice for the 6 Ultra Brothers, Leo, Astra, and Nice! Talented Group of Actors to Give New Life to the Classic Heroes!

・Takahiro Sakurai (Voice of Ultraman) *New from The Destined Crossroad

・Shunsuke Takeuchi (Voice of Zoffy)

・Hiroki Touchi (Voice of Ultraseven) *New from The Destined Crossroad

・Shin-ichiro Miki (Voice of Ultraman Jack) *New from The Destined Crossroad

・Tomokazu Seki (Voice of Ultraman Ace) *New from The Destined Crossroad

・Showtaro Morikubo (Voice of Ultraman Taro)

・Yoshimasa Hosoya (Voice of Ultraman Leo) *New from The Destined Crossroad

・Takahiro Mizushima (Voice of Astra) *New from The Destined Crossroad

・Hiroshi Miyasaka (Voice of Ultraman Nice) *New from The Destined Crossroad


In this series, a talented group of voice actors gather to join the current voice actor cast to play the beloved Ultra Brothers and create the most dramatic series yet.

In addition, accompanying Ultraman Nice’s first on-screen performance since he was first broadcast on TV in 1999, the voice of Ultraman Nice and his host Ginga Yumeboshi, Hiroshi Miyasaka returns to the Ultraman series for the first time in 23 years.


Fans overseas are no doubt eager to learn about the English cast, and we will be announcing them from next week! Stay excited for updates by checking our Homepage and by following the official Tsuburaya ULTRAMAN Global Twitter account (@TsuburayaGlobal).



Series Outline

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad is the third installment of the Ultra Galaxy Fight series, continued from the previous Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy with its shocking ending.

It’s Ultra Heroes vs. Absolutian – the destined battle will reshape the entire galaxy!


・Streaming Overview

・English version release date: Available for rent after the ULTRAMAN CONNECTION on May 28th, 2022.

・Japanese version release date: Global release to be decided.

・Director: Koichi Sakamoto

・Writer: Junichiro Ashiki

・Producer: Tsuburaya Productions


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad Official Website



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