A Special Streaming Comes to YouTube on September 3rd! Battle Stage Show Directed by Koichi Sakamoto!!

Aug.27, 2022



A new livestream event “Ultraman Connection Presents: TAMASHII NATIONS Special Streaming featuring Ultraman Trigger” will be held on 10 September 3rd (Japan Standard Time)!
The streaming event is held by the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel, a channel that spreads the brilliance of the Ultraman Series on YouTube, and TAMASHII NATIONS from BANDAI SPIRITS’ Collectors Toy Department.
Presented by Ultraman Connection, the event is joined by Sean Nichols, who hosted almost every Ultraman Connection event.



What is “Ultraman Connection Presents: TAMASHII NATIONS Special Streaming”?

The event invites distinguished guests from the Ultraman Series to fully experience and deliver the charm of both the shows and the merchandise.
It will feature the latest information on Ultraman Series and the S.H.Figuarts action figures. Viewers will also be able to enjoy a battle stage show directed by Koichi Sakamoto that unique to this event only. Koichi Sakamoto, the director behind Ultraman Trigger and the Ultra Galaxy Fight series, will also join as a guest!
Tune in to see just how the story unfolds, and which heroes will take the stage! We are also planning a sequel to this special event, so please look forward to more details.


※The images are from previous Ultraman Connection events.





・Koichi Sakamoto (Director of Ultraman Trigger, Ultra Galaxy Fight series)


・Hiroki Matsumoto (Plays Kanata Asumi in Ultraman Decker)


・Runa Toyoda (Played Yuna Shizuma in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga)


・Rima Matsuda (Played Yoko Nakashima in Ultraman Z)


・MC Sean Nichols (Played Sean White in Ultraman Max, and Main MC of Ultraman Connection Live)


◆ Video Appearance
・Raiga Terasaka (Played Kengo Manaka in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga)




Stream Information

Title: Ultraman Connection Presents: TAMASHII NATIONS Special Streaming featuring Ultraman Trigger
Date & Time: September 3rd (Sat) 2022, 10:00am-11:00am (JST)
*Please check out your local time.
Streaming Platform: ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel
*The event will be archived for a limited time after the live broadcast.



What is Ultraman Connection?

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