Ultraman New Generation Stars Starts Tomorrow on Ultraman Official YouTube Channel with Subtitles in Nine Languages!

Jan.26, 2024

YouTube Information


With the addition of the latest Ultraman Blazar, the New Generation Ultraman series continues to record the proud battles of the Ultra Heroes that are still going strong that stands strong to this day under the name “Ultra Pride”. Together with the genius scientist Yuka Ohta (played by Hikari Kuroki), the treasure hunter Ignis (played by Kei Hosogai), and a mysterious robot who somehow knows a lot about Ultra Heroes, the second season of Ultraman New Generation Stars will bring audiences new excitement!


Episode 1 will be up on Ultraman Official YouTube Channel at 9:30 am JST on Saturday January 27th and the following episodes will be up at 9:30 am JST every Saturday.


Announcement of the Multi-Language Subtitles for the first time in the Series

We hope that existing fans and newcomers will all enjoy Ultraman New Generation Stars. In addition to the Ultraman TV series, Ultraman New Generation Stars will have multilingual subtitles!


This time, we will be releasing episodes in a total of nine languages!

Languages Line-up:







・Brazilian Portuguese

・Latin Spanish 



We hope you enjoy watching Ultraman New Generation Stars in your own language!


Series Overview



Ultraman New Generation Stars

Premiere Date: Saturday, January 27, 2024

Global Premiere Release Time: Every Saturday 9:30- AM (JST)

Streaming Channels: Ultraman Official YouTube Channel 

Production Company: Tsuburaya Productions

Official Website: (Japanese only)




Let’s trace the proud record of battles woven by the New Generation Heroes together with Yuka!

The genius scientist Yuka Ohta (played by Hikari Kuroki) traces the many famous battles of the Ultra Heroes who have ignited the passion of the Ultra Pride, and through this research, she will power up the Special Airborne Armor that has gone through the battle along with Ultraman Z and its fellow members of the anti-monster robot force STORAGE, Sevenger! … or maybe!?


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