Evil Forces Unveiled for ULTRAMAN REGULOS! Take a Look at the New Magma Invasion Army!

Nov.01, 2022


New characters have been announced for the Ultraman Regulos web series, currently in production!

In Ultraman Regulos, a Magma Invasion Army targets Planet D60, where the Cosmos Beast Fighters train their legendary Space Martial Arts, the Cosmo Beast Style.

Read below for introduction of the new Alien Magma commanders, as well as comments from their Japanese cast members!



■“Volcan, the Magma Invasion Army Admiral”  (Japanese voiced by Takaya Kuroda)

Height: 60 m Weight: 30,000 t


The commander leading the Magma Invasion Army that attacked planets L77 and D60. Volcan turns his malice into poison, attacking enemies with his “Magma Poison Hand Strike”. His protective armor is made by copying the legendary Alien Empera armor and although not as strong as the original, gives an incredible vulnerability.


Comments from Takaya Kuroda:

It is an honor and a strange feeling to be cast in a role for Tsuburaya Productions’ Ultraman Series which I’ve enjoyed since I was a child.
Next time I’m secretly hoping I can be on the side of justice.

It was a fun role to play so I hope you’ll take a look



■ Yurub of the Inferno Magma Siblings (Japanese voiced by Koichi Toshima)

Height: 54 m    Weight: 24,000 t

The captain of the Alien Magma invasion Army that attacks Planet D60.

Yurub commands the Alien Magma troops and targets the Cosmo Beast Fighters.

Skilled at physical combat, he holds a magma saber in his right hand and occasionally fights in the front lines. Although inherently cruel, he sometimes shows compassion for his sister.



Comments from Koichi Toshima:

I’ve played everyone’s favorite Saber Tyrant, Alien Magma, for a long time now. But this time my role has a name, “Yurub”, and I can’t hide my surprise and joy!

This Alien Magma has a new, stylish design, and even has a mischievous young sister! Yurub is one cool alien! But his enemy, Ultraman Regulos is a Cosmo Beast Fist user and looks strong! How  does fate tie them together? That’s for you to find out! Please do not miss out the new galaxy fighter, and the battle with the new Alien Magma!



■Lava of the Inferno Magma Siblings (Japanese voiced by Meiku Harukawa)

Height: 45 m   Weight: 20,000 t

The vice-captain of the Invasion Army, Yurub’s subordinate and his younger sister.

Lava is cold and ruthless, equipped with short swords on each hand, utilizing speed to unleash combo attacks.


Comments from Meiku Harukawa:

A twice-in-a-lifetime event became a third…!
Nice to meet you, and longtime no see! I’ve joined the Ultraman series twice as an actress, but this time, I joined Regulos as a voice actress to voice for “Lava”…! I’m so happy that I’m speechless. To think the day would come when I would play the pigtailed little sister type. I’d never even dreamed of it, but I will put my all into this new challenge…! Do not miss her loud and cute action scenes. Please keep an eye out for Alien Magma when you watch the show!



■Series Overview

Title: Ultraman Regulos
Currently in production (will come to Ultraman Connection)
Directed by: Koichi Sakamoto
Written by: Junichiro Ashiki
Produced by: Tsuburaya Productions
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