Ultraseven 55th Anniversary Concept Movie, Ultraseven IF Story ‘The Future 55 Years Ago’ will be Released This Fall!

May.10, 2023



On May 10, 2023, it was announced that an Ultraseven 55th Anniversary concept movie, Ultraseven IF Story “The Future 55 Years Ago” will be released in Fall this year. Before its official release, a teaser video is now available on Ultraman OFFICIAL YouTube Channel!



Ultraseven. Even after half a century has passed since its initial broadcasting, his story is still etched into people’s memories.


The story that connects the present as the future of 55 years ago, will be depicted as an ‘IF story’ that “may have existed” as an episode of the series at the time of its broadcast in 1967, and tell the story of “how it happened.”


The 7-minute concept movie will question the message embedded in the original work and convey the appeal of Ultraseven with universal themes to not only fans but also people today.


In the concept movie, the main character of the 1967 broadcast of Ultraseven, Dan Moroboshi (played by Kohji Moritsugu) and Anne Yuri (played by Yuriko Hishimi), appear crossing time and space using the latest digital technology, ‘Virtual Human.’ Moreover, Kohji Moritsugu will act as Jiro Satsuma just like in the original work.



The sun was sinking towards the western horizon, and darkness was approaching the industrial area on the bay shore. A silver wing that flew from nowhere crash-landed on a deserted beachside. It was the Ultra Hawk 1 that crash-landed due to a time paradox created by Alien Pegassa to prevent an accident that occurred 55 years ago.


Earthlings that survived by deciding to destroy Pegassa City that interfered with the Earth’s orbit. An alien that lived in solitude after the city of its species was destroyed.


And Ultraseven, an extraterrestrial who loved and lived on Earth. Each world line intertwines, and after 55 years, a story of the future where they encounter comes around.


In 2023, Dan Moroboshi will come crossing time and space.


Title Overview


Ultraseven 55th Anniversary Concept Movie Ultraseven IF Story “The Future 55 Years Ago”



Dan Moroboshi (Kohji Moritsugu / Virtual Human)

Anne Yuri (Yuriko Hishimi / Virtual Human)

Jiro Satsuma (Cast: Kohji Moritsugu)



The 7-minute concept movie will be released this Fall.

Please look forward to further updates.

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