The main theme of "JAPANGLE" on August 15th, a TV show on NHK E-Tele (Educational TV) with which you can learn Japanese culture, is "Special Effects!" Webcast service now available!

Aug.15, 2018


“JAPANGLE” is a TV show on NHK E-Tele which explore as the “ordinary things” for us from a variety of perspectives to show how unique Japan is.

In the past, they have featured the topics of “Manga” and “Bath” to introduce Japanese culture.


And their 11th theme is “Special Effects.”

The show will introduce the techniques used for special effects, such as making an imaginary world using miniatures, how popular characters are designed, and of course it will focus on the “special effects” itself, too, which have been beloved by children all over the world for many years.


Also, the history and the secrets inside the “special effects” which have grown in Japan in a unique way will be unraveled in the show.


Moreover, the rare behind the scenes of the special effects shooting will be revealed! Don’t miss this valuable opportunity!


Please view the show at:


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