Let’s Take a New Step with the Little KAIJU! A New Picture Book Series “KAIJU STEP” is Starting!

Aug.13, 2018


The Theme of “KAIJU STEP” is “The First Step”

There is a little planet far in the universe,

where the little KAIJU live.


KAIJU aren’t all fearless.

They run, they fall, and they grow up just like us.


The universe is big. The world is big. Even the park is big.

So many first steps are waiting to be taken.

And that is why it’s so fun.

It’s time for KAIJU STEP!!


Please stay tuned for the adventures of the little KAIJU.


The characters are designed and illustrated by Yosuke Kihara, whose representative works include “Go! Go! Conniechan(「ゴー!ゴー!コニーちゃん!)” of Ponkickies. The story is written by Keitaro, a picture book author and reader who travels all over Japan.


In advance to the release of the picture book in November, “KAIJU STEP” will start a new series in the September volume of MEBAE (on sale August 1st 2018), a highly popular educational monthly magazine for infants in Japan. The September volume of MEBAE will include the first ever DVD of short animations of KAIJU STEP.


Merchandises, events, and music of the KAIJU STEP are also coming soon.

Don’t miss it!



“KAIJU STEP” Official Website


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