ULTRAMAN ARC Latest Update: Rin Natsume (Cast: Kaho Mizutani) is the senior investigator at SKIP!

May.10, 2024


We are announcing this week’s latest updates for the new series Ultraman Arc, which will be aired on TV Tokyo Network and broadcasted and/or streamed worldwide at 9:00 a.m. JST on July 6, 2024 (Sat).

This week’s update is about Rin Natsume, the senior staff at SKIP.


Rin Natsume (Age 25)



She is an investigator at SKIP (Scientific Kaiju Investigation and Prevention center), where the protagonist Yuma belongs. A genius programmer also strong in machinery, she handles SKIP’s internal systems and mechanical development.

With her excellence in mechanical engineering, she has been in charge of YouPi, the AI robot, from its initial development. Having a close and trustful relationship with YouPi as if they were siblings, she secretly hides the fact that she named it after the dog she used to have.

With a cheerful and frank personality as well as strong professionalism, she works together with Yuma as a reliable senior.


Cast: Kaho Mizutani



Rin will be played by the young and talented actress Kaho Mizutani.

Born on November 3, 1997 (age 26) in Shizuoka. Affiliated with Ken On.



After entering an audition arranged by her family, she made her debut in 2013 with a TV commercial and soon attracted strong attention by her appearance in TV dramas.

While still in high school, she also achieved a role in a movie and released a photo album. After graduation, she came to Tokyo to further pursue her career in entertainment, experiencing various roles as singer, narrator and weather presenter while building her career in acting, which made her capable of obtaining leading roles in TV dramas and movies.


<Comment from Kaho Mizutani>

I am Kaho Mizutani and I play Rin Natsume.

Rin is cheerful and reliable, like an elder sister to SKIP members.

I hope I can bring the affinity to the audience and let them feel that the Ultraman world is close to us.

For myself, I always love the shows I used to watch as a kid and have grown up under their influence. I will do my best so that Ultraman Arc can be a show like that to everyone.

Looking forward to the day when everyone sees it!


Series Outline

Broadcast starting date: July 6, 2024 (Sat) JST

Broadcast time: Every Saturday at 9:00~9:30 a.m. JST

Broadcasting channels in Japan: TV Tokyo Network and others

Broadcasting channels and websites overseas: <Mainland China> Tencent Video, Youku, iQIYI, Bilibili / <Hong Kong> ViuTV / <Taiwan> MOMO TV / <Thailand> Channel7 / <Indonesia> RTV / <Vietnam> FPT Play

Production: Tsuburaya Productions, TV Tokyo, Dentsu

Official website:

Official Ultraman website:

Official Global X (Twitter):

Cast: Yuki Totsuka, Sho Kaneta, Kaho Mizutani and others / Voice Cast: Yuya Hirose

Lead Director: Takanori Tsujimoto / Series Composer and Head Writer: Jun Tsugita



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