ULTRAMAN BLAZAR THE MOVIE Grand Finale! The Baton of the Light is Passed among Blazar, Arc, and Decker!

May.13, 2024




On May 12 (Sun), the Grand Finale Screening and Greeting Event of Ultraman Blazar the Movie: Tokyo Kaiju Showdown was held, marking the end of the movie’s theatrical release.


From Left:

Ultraman Decker

Hiroki Matsumoto (Katana Asumi in Ultraman Decker)

Ultraman Arc

Yuki Totsuka (Yuma Hize in Ultraman Arc)

Tomoya Warabino (Gento Hiruma in Ultraman Blazar)

Ultraman Blazar

Himena Tsukimiya (Emi Aobe in Ultraman Blazar)

Konomi Naito (Anri Minami in Ultraman Blazar)

Hayate Kajihara (Yasunobu Bando in Ultraman Blazar)



Grand Finale Screening and Greeting Event of Ultraman Blazar the Movie


The Grand Finale took place in the Marunouchi Piccadilly theater in Tokyo, with fans gathering early to the posters of Ultraman Blazar the Movie: Tokyo Kaiju Showdown and Ultraman Arc for photos.

The event began with the appearance of members of SKaRD (Special Kaiju Reaction Detachment), including Tomoya Warabino (Gento Hiruma), Himena Tsukimiya (Emi Aobe), Hayate Kajihara (Yasunobu Bando), Konomi Naito (Anri Minami).

Captain Gento explained the absence of Yuki Ito, who plays Vice Captain Teruaki, due to a mission, “He was with us until just now, but we detected several signs of small-sized Gongilgan from the Houses of Parliament all the way here at Marunouchi Piccadilly across Hibiya Park, so Teruaki was assigned for investigation.”



Comments on the Grand Finale


Tomoya Warabino:  Finally, the day comes. We won’t be here without all the support from Japan and overseas. I want first to express my gratitude. Thank you so much. I just sincerely appreciate everything from everyone.


Himena Tsukimiya: I am really happy to share this moment with everyone here. I hope we can all enjoy it as much as we can.



Konomi Naito: I feel very different compared to when I stood in front of everyone during the series premiere event, but I am always really happy to see everyone directly. In the future, there may or may not be another chance for us SKaRD members to be together like this, so as an end for now I really want to express my gratitude. Thank you everyone!



Hayate Kajihara: Honestly I’m just so happy. Since we decided to hold this event, I have been looking forward to this day. Let’s leave the sadness aside and all have a blast!




Reflecting on the Asia Tour and Overseas Reactions


When asked about their memories around Japan and overseas, the cast shared their stories when feeling Ultraman’s popularity across the globe.


Tomoya Warabino: I had so many great memories that it’s hard to make it brief here. Some of the stories are really deep so I want to share them more in the future.


Himena Tsukimiya: I was in Taiwan with Captain Gento, and we felt that the passion for Ultraman was the same as in Japan. I felt so much power. The power that comes with sharing what we love is just awesome. After I said that I love the line “Time to go back to hell.” overseas, the fans responded with the same excitement!


Tomoya Warabino: And some of them also stood up and went “Foo!!”. The overseas tour was truly amazing.




Ultraman Blazer meets Ultraman Arc



As the event continued, Yuki Totsuka, who plays Yuma Hize, the protagonist of Ultraman Arc, appeared on stage.

Embraced with the “Yuma” cheers, he responded to the crowd, “I am Yuma Hize, coming from SKIP, Scientific Kaiju Investigation and Prevention center’s Hoshimoto City Branch!”


Yuki Totsuka: It’s an honor to get to meet so many fans. I hope everyone who felt that Ultraman Blazar was fun and cool can continue to feel the same way about Ultraman Arc.


When asked about his thoughts on meeting the SKaRD team –


Yuki Totsuka: Seeing everyone from Ultraman Blazar, I was really fond of how beautiful and strong they are. It’s nice to get ripped! I was always studying but never good at sports.

Konomi Naito: So you should join our training…

Yuki Totsuka: Really? Will I be able to catch up with you all?

Tomoya Warabino: Well, you’ll have to…


And the event hall burst into laughter.


Then the cast performed the “SKaRD exercise” together. After trying it out, Yuki Totsuka said, “Exercising is nice! Now my body and mind feel refreshed! Now I want to go back and make a ‘SKIP exercise’ with Ultraman Arc too!” 



Hiroki Matsumoto (Kanata Asumi in Ultraman Decker) Joins


The final part of the event also featured the appearance of Hiroki Matsumoto (Kanata Asumi in 2022’s Ultraman Decker), making a huge surprise for both the cast and the audience.



Hiroki also shared a letter with warm-hearted appreciation and thoughts from Yuki Ito, a.k.a. Vice Captain Teruaki, who was unable to attend the event due to his mission.


Tomoya Warabino: It’s sad that Teruaki can’t join us today, but with Kanata and Yuma joining us here, I am really thankful that we can share this moment here together. Let’s send our replies back to Teruaki sometime in the future.



Blazar, Arc, and Decker Transform Together



In order to pass the baton of the Light., Captain Gento Hiruma, Yuma Hize, and Kanata Asumi transformed into their respective Ultraman together.

Ultraman Blazar, Ultraman Arc, and Ultraman Decker all appeared along with their hosts miraculously, embracing the cheers from all the fans.



Comments from the Cast


Yuki Totsuka: It has been a real honor to share the moment with everyone in this meaningful Grand Finale event. There’s so much to look forward to with Ultraman Arc and I want to share it with everyone. I will do my best to keep going on with Arc!



Hiroki Matsumoto: Thanks to everyone from Blazar for the whole year. Let’s keep protecting the Earth from now on. I’ll also protect the Earth, and space as well. Arc and Yuma, we’ll leave it to you!



Hayate Kajihara: We have always fought hard throughout the 2 years since Blazar began, and that’s all because of your support. Thank you all! Now Blazar ends with the baton pass, I am full of the joy of my dream come true. Now I’ll be supporting as an audience, so let’s support Arc together!


Konomi Naito: Thank you so much for coming along with us till now! That I’m able to join SKaRD, meet everyone, and spend our lives together from now on… the Ultra bond is truly forever. Now we have the torch passed, let’s support Arc and make it more exciting than Blazar. Please continue to support the Ultraman series!


Himena Tsukimiya: Since my participation in SKaRD was decided, the 2 years have been an absolute blast. As I meet many fans, I feel that Ultraman can lift everyone’s spirits. There were many times when I got energized too and felt that I could keep going! If you feel a bit exhausted, come to meet Ultraman. I’m together too!


Tomoya Warabino: Instead of being moved by the fact a whole year has passed, I feel more touched by the fact that we have fought our fight with everyone together throughout this year. Just like we’ve weaved our story so far, Yuma is going to weave his from now on. I think rather than teaching him, I’m more on the side of cheering for him. Anything comes to an end. When a story begins, it has already started going toward the end. Now it’s Yuma’s turn. And it’s all you, the audiences, who have weaved the story of Ultraman up till now and are going to weave the story of Ultraman from now on. Let’s keep our support! Hope to see you again!”



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