ULTRAMAN: RISING Coming Worldwide on June 14! New Key Art and Trailer Released!

May.16, 2024




One month ahead of the movie’s release, the latest key art and trailer of Ultraman: Rising, the feature-length CG animated film co-produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Netflix, has been released.


About Ultraman: Rising


Ultraman: Rising is directed and written by Emmy winner Shannon Tindle, known for works such as Kubo and the Two Strings (2016), co-directed by John Aoshima and co-written by Marc Haimes. With CG animation created by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), renowned for its contributions to well-known masterpieces such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park, they create a new story with the iconic and everlasting hero Ultraman, beloved globally for over half a century since his debut in 1966, with the theme of “parent” and “family”.


The film will feature key casts including Christopher Sean, Gedde Watanabe, Tamlyn Tomita, Keone Young, and Julia Harriman. 


New Trailer Released


The latest trailer uses beautiful visuals to feature the fights of Ken Sato as Ultraman, who happens to become the “babysitter” of Emi, a kaiju baby, in the course of a battle, and struggles to bring her up while protecting her from being taken away by the Kaiju Defense Force (KDF). The music of Grammy-winning superstar EDM producer Diplo further enhances Ultraman’s fights. 


Japanese Voice Cast



Furthermore, more casts have been announced for the movie’s Japanese dubbed version. Besides Yuki Yamada, who was announced last November, the Japanese cast also includes Fumiyo Kohinata (as Professor Sato, Ken’s father), Akari Hayami (as journalist Ami Wakita), Fumihiko Tachiki (as Dr. Onda from the KDF), and Ayumi Tsunematsu (as Mina, Ken’s supercomputer).

The Japanese cast especially features Hiroko Sakurai, (Akiko Fuji in 1966’s Ultraman), who will voice Ami’s mother, as well as Takaya Aoyagi (Jugglus Juggler in Ultraman Orb and Ultraman Z), who will voice Captain Aoshima, Dr. Onda’s right-hand man. 


Overview of Ultraman: Rising




Baseball superstar Ken Sato has another identity - Ultraman, the Earth-defending superhero. To fulfill that duty, he returns to his home country of Japan to prepare for his match but finds his peaceful life disrupted by the sudden appearance of a powerful kaiju Gigantron.

Ken transforms into Ultraman to confront the kaiju’s increasingly intensified attacks but soon finds himself in an unthought situation of being forced to take care of a kaiju baby - the child of his nemesis. Now as the father of the kaiju baby, whom he names “Emi”, Ken needs to confront his relationship with his estranged father and discover what it truly means to be Ultraman.



Director: Shannon Tindle

Co-Director: John Aoshima

Written By:  Shannon Tindle, Marc Haimes

Produced By:  Tom Knott, Lisa M. Poole

Music: Diplo

Production: Tsuburaya Productions, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)




Main Casts: Christopher Sean, Gedde Watanabe, Tamlyn Tomita, Keone Young, Julia Harriman 

Japanese Casts: Yuki Yamada, Fumiyo Kohinata, Akari Hayami, Fumihiko Tachiki, Ayumi Tsunematsu, Hiroko Sakurai, Takaya Aoyagi and others


<Release Date>

Global Release on Netflix: June 14 (Fri), 2024

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