ULTRAMAN ARC Latest Update: Hiroshi Ban (Cast: Koichiro Nishi) Leads SKIP as Chief!

May.17, 2024


We are announcing this week’s latest updates for the new series Ultraman Arc, which will be aired on TV Tokyo Network and broadcasted and/or streamed worldwide at 9:00 a.m. JST on July 6, 2024 (Sat).

This week’s update features Hiroshi Ban, the chief of SKIP’s Hoshimoto City Branch and the reliable leader of Yuma and his fellows.


Hiroshi Ban (Age 43)



Chief of SKIP’s (Scientific Kaiju Investigation and Prevention center) Hoshimoto City Branch, where the protagonist Yuma belongs. His childhood fascination with dinosaurs sparked his dedication to fossil excavation and research and a path in geology.

He joined SKIP in order to make use of his knowledge for the good of more people. While he would often be obsessed with talking about his professional field, he is an easygoing and reliable leader who provides accurate instructions and sometimes makes surprisingly bold decisions.

Also a kind father who cooks for his family on his days off, he is often worried about his daughter, who is in her sensitive adolescence.


Cast: Koichiro Nishi



Hiroshi will be played by the experienced actor Koishiro Nishi.

Born on October 17, 1979 (age 44) in Ehime Prefecture. Affiliated with CES entertainment.



He was scouted while working as a fashion model in his hometown and made his debut in entertainment after making the hard choice to let go of his dream to become a diplomat.

Expanding his field from modeling to acting, he quickly made his breakthrough by seizing the leading role in a famous tokusatsu hero show, which has been long loved by tokusatsu fans with a 20-year anniversary sequel movie released last year.

He has become a well-known actor with his spectacular performances in multiple movies, TV dramas and theater.


<Comment from Koichiro Nishi>

Hello to all Ultraman fans.

I am Koichiro Nishi and I play Hiroshi Ban, the chief of SKIP’s Hoshimoto City Branch.

While I have had many experiences participating in tokusatsu works in my acting career, getting to become a regular cast member for an Ultraman show was a big surprise for me.

I will make all efforts to make this an Ultraman work loved by kids.

Even in the world of Ultraman, I’ll also bring the thunder, so together let’s make Ultraman Arc a blast!


Series Outline

Broadcast starting date: July 6, 2024 (Sat) JST

Broadcast time: Every Saturday at 9:00~9:30 a.m. JST

Broadcasting channels in Japan: TV Tokyo Network and others

Broadcasting channels and websites overseas: <Mainland China> Tencent Video, Youku, iQIYI, Bilibili / <Hong Kong> ViuTV / <Taiwan> MOMO TV / <Thailand> Channel7 / <Indonesia> RTV / <Vietnam> FPT Play

Production: Tsuburaya Productions, TV Tokyo, Dentsu

Official website:

Official Ultraman website:

Official Global X (Twitter):

Cast: Yuki Totsuka, Sho Kaneta, Kaho Mizutani, Koichiro Nishi and others / Voice Cast: Yuya Hirose

Lead Director: Takanori Tsujimoto / Series Composer and Head Writer: Jun Tsugita



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