Ultraman Takes Off to the World! ULTRAMAN TO THE WORLD HANEDA AIRPORT Starting July 3

Jun.19, 2024


ULTRAMAN TO THE WORLD HANEDA AIRPORT, a special event organized by Tsuburaya Productions, will be held at Haneda Airport from July 3 (Wed) to August 31 (Sat).





This summer, fans from Japan and worldwide can enjoy the special exhibition and event at Haneda Airport, the gateway connecting Japan and the world in the sky, to celebrate the Ultraman series, which fans around the world have long loved for 58 years since the first broadcast of Ultraman in 1966.

With the worldwide release of Ultraman: Rising on Netflix on June 14, as well as the upcoming worldwide broadcast/streaming of Ultraman Arc on July 6, the Ultraman series has been expanding worldwide, transcending the barriers of borders, generations, and language.

The event features a flying Ultraman statue and pop-up stores full of exclusive products, a stamp rally for original goods, hero shows, and workshops, as well as a kids program that allows you to travel around terminals while learning about the airport’s secrets.

We hope that this event, which spreads across all terminals of Haneda Airport, will present a wonderful memory this summer.

Please stay tuned for more future updates on the ULTRAMAN Official Website and social media.


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Highlight 1: A 4.3-meter Ultraman Flying Statue Makes its First Appearance!

The flying statue of Ultraman, the GIANT himself from Ultraman: Rising, makes its appearance with Emi, the Baby Kaiju, on the shoulder. Enjoy this photo opportunity with Ultraman who takes off toward the world.



Highlight 2: Collect the Cute Stamps of Ultraman and Kaiju to Get Exclusive Goods!

A stamp rally across all terminals of Haneda Airport will be held.

Collect the stamps of Ultraman and kaiju wherever you find them for a Haneda-exclusive clear folder (B5).

*The rally ends once all the clear folders are given out.



Highlight 3: Check Out the Various Goods, including Haneda-Exclusive Items!

Pop-up stores will appear at all terminals, with exclusive items from T-shirts and lifestyle goods to travel items, from souvenir snacks to collectibles.


-Terminal 1: Market Place (2F)

July 3 (Wed) ~ August 4 (Sun) at 9:30 AM ~7:00 PM JST (Ends on 6:00 PM JST the final day)

-Terminal 2: Special Event Store beside SMILE TOKYO (2F)

August 1 (Thu) ~ August 31 (Sat) at 9:30 AM ~7:00 PM JST (Ends on 6:00 PM JST the final day)

-Terminal 3: Broad Avenue (4F)

August 13 (Tue) ~ August 18 (Sun) at 10:00 AM ~ 7:00 PM JST

*Items differ between shops

*Future updates will be announced on the official website and social media.



Highlight 4: Shop and Dine for Exclusive Goods!

Purchases or meals with 3,000 JPY (including tax) or more (in 1 receipt) will be eligible for a Haneda-exclusive sticker sheet (B5) as a gift.

We hope you can use this opportunity to enjoy shopping and dining at the airport.

*The campaign ends once all gifts are given away.



Highlight 5: Program for Elementary School Students! Adventure Haneda Airport with Ultra Heroes and Kaiju!

Haneda Kids’ Challenge 2024: Ultra Adventure Notebook will be distributed to elementary school students for free. Complete the quizzes and take on an adventure across 3 terminals with the Ultra Heroes and kaiju! The adventure notebooks will be available at the pop-up stores.


Distribution Locations and Times

-Terminal 1: Market Place (2F)

July 3 (Wed) ~ August 4 (Sun) at 9:30 AM ~7:00 PM JST (Ends on 6:00 PM JST the final day)

-Terminal 2: Special Event Store beside SMILE TOKYO (2F)

August 1 (Thu) ~ August 31 (Sat) at 9:30 AM ~7:00 PM JST (Ends on 6:00 PM JST the final day)

*The campaign ends once all adventure notebooks are given away.



Besides, the event also includes a hero show featuring the new hero Ultraman Arc, as well as workshop events to learn about SDGs with the kaiju from Kaiju Step.



Stay tuned for more announcements from our official website and social media.


We hope you can create unforgettable memories at Haneda Airport this summer.



Location: Haneda Airport Terminals 1, 2, 3

Date: July 3, 2024 (Wed) ~ August 31, 2024 (Sat)

Entrance Fee: Free

Hosts: Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.

Co-hosts: Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation


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