The “TDG Project” Officially Starts! Events and New Goods Are Being Announced!

Dec.07, 2018






In the late 90’s, there were 3 Ultraman series that made a paradigm shift in the history of Ultraman.

They were Ultraman, but not like the ones before.

Why were they able to create a new history?

It was the story, world image, characters, and of course the thoughts and hearts of the creators…

We want to continue and recreate these emotions with books, goods, events and all sorts of entertainment.

This is the “TDG Project.”

The main visual is newly created by Hiroshi Maruyama, who was the designer for “ULTRAMAN TIGA”, “ULTRAMAN DYNA”, and “ULTRAMAN GAIA”.


To congratulate the official launch of the “TDG Project”, from “ULTRAMAN GAIA”, Takeshi Yoshioka who played Gamu Takayama and Hassei Takano who played Hiroya Fujimiya held a talk show event on November 30 (Fri) at “Tokyo Comic Con 2018” at Makuhari Messe. The fans were very excited for this event.




Many events and new goods will also be launching.


■Special Pop-up Shop “TIGA DYNA GAIA POP-UP SHOP” (At Nishinomiya LOFT from December 26(Wed), 2018)

The first pop-up shop for the fans of TDG will be opening from December 26(Wed) at Nishinomiya LOFT (inside Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens, Nishinomiya-shi Hyogo).

The special pop-up shop is scheduled to open all over Japan accordingly.

At the “TIGA DYNA GAIA POP-UP SHOP in Nishinomiya LOFT”, t-shirts and tote bags will be on presale, and there will be many other TDG goods, as well as exhibits of official props used in the shooting.


■TDG’s first ever riddle event “ULTRAMAN TIGA DYNA GAIA in Nazotomo Café” will open. (Starting from December 21(Fri), 2018 ~ at all local Nazotomo Café)


“Nazotomo Café” is a hands-on riddle experience café managed by Bandai Namco Amusement. There will be a TDG’s first ever riddle event “ULTRAMAN TIGA DYNA GAIA in Nazotomo Café” from December 21(Fri), 2018 until April 7(Sun), 2019.


The event is combined with a special room for solving the riddles “CUBE”, imaging the “Arial Base” from “ULTRAMAN GAIA”, and the café space. Challengers will team up with Gamu Takayama (played by Takeshi Yoshioka) as the new member of the XIG. They will analyze and gather information on how to battle with the monsters, as well as fight with Ultraman Gaia and will be able to realistically experience the world of ULTRAMAN GAIA.


■Interview Collection Enlarged and Revised Version: Earth is ULTRAMAN’S Star TIGA/DYNA & GAIA to be sold!

Written by Risaku Kiridoshi, Earth is ULTRAMAN’S Star is now coming back after 20 years. The collection is filled with interviews of 36 persons, including staff and cast from the shooting during that time. The enlarged and revised version will be published in two volumes.

The interview collection is to deliver the voices and hearts of the staff and cast to those who were watching the series when they were a child, and to those who have the first edition.


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