This winter is packed with events! Let’s enjoy this season with ULTRAMAN!

Dec.13, 2018


■ULTRAMAN Music Café



“ULTRAMAN Music Café”, a café centering around the music from the ULTRAMAN series, will open on December 13th (Thu), 2018 at “ANION STATION AKIHABARA” located in Akihabara, Tokyo. In this first ever music café for the ULTRAMAN series, customers can enjoy the opening songs and soundtracks for the battle scenes throughout the series, from the first ULTRAMAN in 1966 to the newest ULTRAMAN R/B (Ruebe) airing today.


There will be an original program called “ULTRA TIME!”, in which a radio DJ will answer to listener requests and give comments like in a radio show, and opening sequences and battle scenes will be shown on a large screen along with the music.


Please check the special website below for further details.

Come and enjoy the ULTRAMAN series of your own generation through music in “ULTRAMAN Music Café”!



・Opening Hours: 11:30am ~ 10:00pm (L.O. 9:30pm)


First Term: December 13 (Thu), 2018 ~ December 31 (Mon)

Second Term: January 3 (Thu), 2019 ~ January 27 (Sun)

*Closed on January 1 (Tue/Holiday), January 2 (Wed)


・Special Website

・ANION Station Official Website

・ANION Station Official Twitter







Let’s go to Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall during the end of the year holidays!

“ULTRA HEROES EXPO 2019: New Year Festival in Tokyo Dome City” will be held from December 29th (Sat), 2018 ~ January 6th (Sun), 2019 at Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall!


The Minato brothers, Katsumi Minato (played by Yuya Hirata) and Isami Minato (played by Ryosuke Koike), who are fighting in the TV series ULTRAMAN R/B (Ruebe) airing every Saturday morning at 9am on TV Tokyo, will appear in all Ultraman Battle Stages!

Asahi Minato (played by Arisa Sonohara) will also be joining!

Let’s enjoy the end of the year holidays with Katsumi, Isami, Asahi, and Ultra Heroes at “ULTRA HEROES EXPO 2019!”


Event Information

・Period: December 29th (Sat), 2018 – January 6th (Sun), 2019 [9 Days in Total]

・Time: “Battle Area” accordingly to the time of the show, “Play Area” 9:00am – 5:30pm (Last Admission 5:00pm)

・Place: Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall

・Host: Tokyo Dome, Tsuburaya Productions, Bandai

・Supported By: The Yomiuri Shimbun

・Official website:

・Official Twitter:

・Official Hashtag: #ウルトラEXPO


Ultraman Battle Stage

・Cast: Yuya Hirata (Katsumi Minato/Ultraman Rosso), Ryosuke Koike (Isami Minato/Ultraman Blu), Arisa Sonohara(Asahi Minato)

・Heroes on Stage (scheduled): Ultraman Rosso, Ultraman Blu, and others

・Number of Seats: 930 seats (800 of them are scheduled to be reservation seats)

・Time of Show: 10:00am~, 11:30am~, 1:00pm~, 2:45pm~, 4:15pm~

*Entrances will start one hour prior to the show

*Photographs from last year

*No photography is allowed during the show




■ULTRAMAN FESTIVAL in Hirakata Park 2018-2019



“Ultraman Festival 2018” which gained huge popularity in Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Tokyo will now be held in Hirakata Park, Osaka!

Please experience the excitement of “Ultraman Festival 2018-2019” through the gigantic photo spot of the “Ultraman Brothers VS Army of Monsters and Aliens”, the fascinating live-action stage show with radio control lights and LED screens, the “Gigantic Battle Diorama”, and more!

After the closing of “Ultraman Festival”, 2 special night events, “Ultraman Dark Hero Special Night” will be held on December 25th (Tue) and “ULTRAMAN GAIA 20th Anniversary HYPER SPACE Festival” will be held on December 27th (Thu).

On the Ultra Live Stage on December 25th (Tue), the Minato brothers (Katsumi and Isami), who are the main characters of ULTRAMAN R/B (Ruebe) now airing on TV Tokyo every Saturday from 9am, will appear on stage!


Exhibition Area

Gigantic Battle Diorama

The impressive and overwhelming diorama and Kaijus are here!

Let’s take your own awesome tokusatsu picture!

*The pictures are from the Tokyo exhibition. The actual exhibits may vary.



Stage Event

Ultra Live Stage
An exciting live-action stage with the use of LED screens and radio control light “Ultraflash”.

The stage will be based on the theme “Color the History! The Legendary Ultraman Brothers!”

※The pictures are from the Tokyo stage. The actual performance may vary.


Stage Event and Time Schedule

December 22, 2018 ~ December 24, 2018,

December 29, 2018 ~ January 6, 2019,

January 12, 2019 ~ January 14, 2019 ,

January 19, 2019~ January 20, 2019

11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:30pm, 4:00pm


December 25, 2018 ~ December 28, 2018, January 7, 2019

11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm

*The show is approx. 30 minutes each.

*All seats are reserved. Ticket valid for one show only.

(Seats can be reserved at the entrance. First-come-first-serve)


Special Night Events

Ultraman Dark Hero Special Night

Date: December 25 (Tue), 2018 7:00pm~

Cast: Kunito Watanabe as Kei Fukuide from ULTRAMAN GEED

Takaya Aoyagi as Jugglus-Juggler from ULTRAMAN ORB



ULTRAMAN GAIA 20th Anniversary HYPER SPACE Festival

Date: December 27th (Thu), 2018 7:00 pm~

Cast: Takeshi Yoshioka as Gamu Takayama a.k.a. ULTRAMAN GAIA from ULTRAMAN GAIA

Hassei Takano as Hiroya Fujimiya a.k.a. ULTRAMAN AGUL from ULTRAMAN GAIA




Event Information

・Event: Ultraman Festival in Hirakata Park 2018-2019

・Period: December 22nd (Sat), 2018 ~ January 20th (Sun), 2019

* Hirakata Park will be closed during January 8th (Tue) ~ 11th (Fri) and January 15th (Tue) ~ 18th (Fri), 2019.

・Time: 10:00am ~ 5:30pm (Last Admission 5:00pm)

・Place: Hirakata Park Event Hall I & II

・Official Website:

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